Older men

I get aroused by older men... How should i go about telling any older man that id really love to suck his cock. What has worked for you?

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  • Older men are more experienced than younger

  • My father in law gave me a lift home from a works party as my husband had his party on the same night,Coming home i had this terrible urge to flirt with him as he`s loyal to his rather posh wife,He said no way,but i kept feeling for his cock so much that he had to pull of the road and he soon gave in, but he fucked me as well

  • Do a post on this please!

  • Are you kidding me? There was this older dude who was hot after my sister. She had no interest in him so I asked him if I could suck his cock. I had been sucking our dogs cock for a little while and really wanted to branch out. This guy wasn't so much into boys but he loved having his cock sucked so I became his inbetween cock sucker. Turns out I was less fussy than my sisters. I don't know if he enjoyed me but he loved having his cock serviced. It was amazing how many "straight" guys I sucked and still suck now.

  • Just tell him you'd like to suck his cock. That should do it.

  • Many ways. The easiest is the direct approach.
    Tell him you think he is attractive. Let him lead the conversation from there.
    Im sure youll get around to sucking him

  • Are older men more lenient on chubby girls though? I can see this happening successfully with a hotter girl

  • We appreciate all women

  • What's your name so I can find u on facebook

  • No. Lose weight instead of complaining.

  • As an older man I would like to know what would be the best way to approach you? Also, what would be the give-away signs of younger girls who like older men?

  • Well one really big give away for me is that i stare at their crotch a lot, trying to see what could potentially be for me. As approach, im not really sure because if a nice older man asked me to suck his cock id probably do it but im not sure other girls would do the same

  • Crotch staring would work for me. There is this 20 year old at the street coffee hoisk I freqeunt who I saw taking a peek at my crotch. Next day she weared a t-shirt showing her boobies quite nicely when see bend down to pick stuff of the ground. She gave me three fantastic boob views that morning. I am still not sure if it was intentional or not, but I've stroked out a few thinking of the crotch peek and those fantastic looking boobies.

  • I tried this and it works. Now I have three older men that pleases me beyond words.

  • Tell us more. All three at the same time or do you rotate them; each day a different one?

  • Im 12 and im mature for my age.

  • I am 55 and masturbate more than ever; most days 3 times. Weekends and holidays I have 1 hour marathon sessions. I'll go with the left hand as long as I can then switch over and repeat. I would love to have a younger fuck buddie. The direct approach would work for me.

  • I lean in and put my tits in their face while I stroke their cock. Always works.

  • Thats another great approach. Saves time

  • What is older?

  • I am 56. The direct approach is best. Covk grabbing, that sort of thing.

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