Wife’s sister

I always had this crush on my wife’s sister.
She is 6 years younger than my wife. Short petite and has a tight looking ass.
Ive been married for 10 years and last week she
Stop by to pick up her son who was hear with my son.
My wife was at work. We sat around talking and ended up talking about sex and the fact I always had a crush on her came up.
Dhe said she always was attracted to me also.
Long story short it got heated and we fucked in the bedroom.
Yes it was as good as imagined.

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  • Linda my hot Wife has a hot sister Jan. Linda is a D cup and Jan is DD.
    Drunk and alone a couple times we made out and I felt her up, once in a hotel spa she took her top off and I feasted on her big tits. 3 years ago she met Bob. she gets annoyed with my passes now. Bob has her at church 3x a week. She got really pissed when I called her Sister Janie Big Tits. Linda is nurse and in NYC for a month. Jan visits and she all flirty like the old days. I can't believe my good luck, haven been laid in weeks, and now I'm fucking my dream girl. Before she leaves she give my a bye bye blowjob. Then "by the way, I found naked pictures of Linda on Bob's phone."
    Maybe I had the wrong reaction, acted shocked and go "oh no -OMG no" but I'm thinking ~way to go Linda-- you rock-- Fuck Bob again-- make a fuck you Jan video"

  • Before we were all married I fucked my girlfriends sister. Started off as a one time thing but we continued to take advantage of things for years after. So I was at the gf's one night when the weather took a bad turn. I had to work early the next day so when it cleared up enough to head out about midnight we had a quick goodbye fuck when her phone rang. It was her sister calling to ask if she left her wallet, drivers license and some things she needed for work there. Of course it was there so the gf had me drop things off on my way home. I get over to sister's place and she's on the phone with her fiance. I intended to drop everything off then leave but she had me come in as she wasn't going to be long. I sat in the kitchen while she talked with her fiance in the next room and could hear a very sexual in nature conversation. The talk was giving me a semi so I got up to turn on the TV as a distraction when the sis came around the corner running into me. I grabbed her to keep her from falling and could feel that she had nothing on under her nightshirt. I felt around a bit more, she didn't move away, so I wrapped my arms around her tighter. As she talked to the fiance I began rubbing up against her back side while also ran my hands all over her. She did the same to me and grabbed my crotch with her free hand. In one fell swoop I literally dropped my jeans and boxers as I lifted her nightshirt over her head as she switch hands on the phone. I began fingering her while she started to jerk the suck my cock. After a few minutes of that she bent over the kitchen counter and I started fucking her from behind. We kept at it for some time as she finished the call, both of cumming as she hung up. We moved our activities from the kitchen, to the sofa in the living room then finally to the bedroom. I stayed the night, neither of us went to work the next day.

  • Wife's Jill, her twin Judy, was vising, staying in the guest room. Had a couple drinks, talked about a 3 way. They said no 3 way, but I could fuck Judy 1 on 1. Oh Boy.
    "Judy's boyfriend had us both, so it's only right" -- Judy and I go to bed -- and she is awesome -- way different than Jill -- who's good in bed but different.
    We're done and Judy goes to the guest room. Jill get in bed "you luck guy"
    Around 3 AM I get up horny for Judy again, and go to her room. She naked and says she was expecting me. So I fuck her again, and around 5 AM she gives me a bye bye blowjob "better get back to Jill"
    At breakfast Jill laughs and said that was a total head fake last night -- it was her that I fucked, not Judy. When Jill is not looking Judy gives that tongue against the cheek BJ motion and snickers. Later she told me 'we always fucked each other's boyfriends, behind our backs."

  • I would definitely fuck my sister in-law! Stunning

  • Describe your wife then your sister in law

  • Obviously they look alike but one short brown hair and the sister in-law has long brown hair.

  • My wife's sister's are all ugly. I'm pretty sure my wife got all the good looks in the family. Either that or she is adopted, because her whole family is dog ugly. Now I dated a girl seriously before I met my wife. She has a sister (sisters name is Melissa) she is pretty hot. Big tits, nice firm round ass, luscious lips, and legs that go on forever. We were all in our early twenties and still trying to figure out life. Melissa decided to become a stripper at a club about an hours drive from our home town. Her sister (my girlfriend) and her parents didn't approve, so they were always fighting with her. I didn't care, so I stayed quiet. So Melissa calls up one night and says she needs a ride home. The girl she rides with went home sick. My girlfriend tells her no and tries to use it as an example of why she shouldn't be working as a stripper. So I tell them I will go get her. I drive an hour there, pick her up, and we are headed back and talking about "her asshole family". She tells me I'm the only one who understands. I jokingly say "yet I have never seen you naked". She laughs and says pull over and I'll give you a private dance in the back seat." Sure enough, we get in the back and she strips completely. Now the club she works in is nude tops only, they still wear panties. She goes full nude for me though. My dick is hard and I start fingering her. She gets excited and pulls my dick out. Next think I know she's sliding down on me and we are fucking. She was way better than my girlfriend and we started having an affair. Didn't take long before we got caught and everything ended.

  • My SIL was afraid to stay by herself one night, I was stopping by to check on her, her bf was away racing, her son was sleeping at a friends house, and there was a bad storm approaching. I’ve never been to her new place, when I arrived she showed me around, when we got to her bedroom, I started going through her draws, and dirty laundry, she asked why I told her I’ve always had a thing for her and wanted some souvenirs. I found her dirty bra and panties and took the ones I like, and all she did was laugh. Soon afterwards I was downstairs watching tv while she took a shower, told her I would leave after, she came down and brought me her dirty panties and bra, I said thanks these are fresh. It wasn’t long before we were in her bedroom fucking. The sex wasn’t as good as I hoped, it was like a lump on a log, but I got my wish

  • Bullshit

  • Do not shit where you eat!

  • Are you going to fuck here again?

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