My Cousin’s Booty Part 3

This is part 3 of my memories from my late childhood - early teenage years, when I had a lot of fun seeing and touching my Cousin Mandy’s butt over a 5-6 year period.

The other 2 parts are posts number 65146 and 65147 on this site, put those numbers after the slash in the url to read them!

Now, on with the sweet memories!

This one happened only about a week after the initial mooning incident from the first story, she was still 8, though her 9th birthday was about a month away, and I was 12. We were hanging out in their basement which was kind of a kids’ living room at their house and we were watching the Freaky Friday remake with Lindsey Lohan which was pretty new at that time. At some point in the movie, the daughter in the body of the mom is shown wearing a thong for comedic effect, I said something like “now that’s what I think is the most funny!” She replied “haha, yeah, the butt?” And I nodded. A couple minutes later I just kinda said “so what does your underwear look like today?” She responded “they’re purple with elephants, wanna see?” I said yes so she got up to standing on her knees on the couch facing away from me and pulled down her white chino pants to reveal some cute light purple panties with darker purple elastic and cartoon purple elephants the same color as the bands. “Wow those are cute!” I said. She replied, “thank you!” I then decided to say “What does your butt look like today?” And she said “do you wanna look at it?” “Yes please!” “Ok, it looks like this!” She proceeded to pull down her panties while laughing and I got to see that adorable bare booty. I laughed to and I put my hand on her buttcheeks and lightly rubbed them for just a little bit. At that point I think I was officially hooked.

This next one is much later, she was 11 and I was 15, we were at our Aunt’s house for another one of our cousins’ birthdays. They live on a ton of land and have a really big house so it was a prime place for playing truth or dare privately. The only dare I remember from that time was a dare I gave her. She always picked dare because she knew she would be showing her butt and she liked to do that. “Face that way and shake your butt and make sound effects like you’re dancing to music, and as you’re doing that, pull down your shorts, then keep butt-dancing with your underwear for a while, then pull down your underwear and keep shaking your butt with the sound effects” it was a long explanation but she understood it. She started doing this and her sound effects were what I can only describe as crude beatboxing with some nonsense words here and there, mostly “bom, ba-bom” John (her brother) and I were laughing, she pulled down her shorts and I watched her booty shake for a little while in her 11-year-old white panties, then she pulled those down and I got a real show! Her little bare butt was jiggling and wiggling side to side, back and forth, up and down, every direction, it was so cute!

The last one I’ll share in this part is one of my favorites, and we’re going back in time again to her at 9 years old and me at 12. At our Grandparents’ house in the playroom, it was a scorching hot summer day. Our grandfather was at work and our grandmother was doing yard work outside. We did not want to be outside due to the heat, so we were indoors watching tv. Hot days have a way of making me feel tired, even back then, this was before there was a bed in the playroom and Mandy and I were sat on the floor. She had a tendency to lay down on her stomach most of the time, so I thought of a good idea. “I think I want to take a nap, can I use your butt as a pillow?” “Sure, if you want to!” “Thanks!” I said, and I laid down and rested my head on her butt, but she had on Jean shorts (it was the early early 2000s when those were still in style, at least for kids in the summer). I said, “oh your shorts are a little rough” she replied with “You can pull ‘em down, I don’t care!” I said “ok!” And she went ahead and unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts but let me pull them down myself. I slowly pulled down her shorts to reveal solid-colored lime green panties. “Oh I’ve never seen these before!” I said. “Yeah they’re new!” She replied. I laid my head back down on her butt and her panties were definitely very soft, the perfect pillow case. But I knew what the ideal scenario was. I raised up one more time and started pulling down her panties to lay bare her 9-year-old butt. She didn’t bat an eyelash, she didn’t care at all, but I still felt the need to say, “there’s nothing softer than your bare butt!” She laughed “haha ok!” I laid down my cheek on her bare cheeks and it felt so soft and good, I’m a side sleeper and kind of have my face angled slightly down into my pillow most of the time and this was no exception. I closed my eyes and really took in the FEELING of my face resting on my little cousin’s naked butt, it was the best pillow I ever had, I laid there like that for about 45 minutes I would guess, switching sides a couple of times like I normally would when trying to sleep, but I was enjoying it so much that I couldn’t ever fall asleep. I finally gave up on it and raised back up. “Thanks Mandy!” “Anytime!” She said. I did take her up on that in the future, but it was never for that long.

Hope you enjoyed part 3!


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  • I was 14 and she was 8 ! I always wanted to try BUTT-FUCKING a girl ! She was
    so tight ! I popped her pussy cherry when she was 10 and got her pregnant at
    12 !

  • My cousin used to fuck me on the floor of a chicken coop. But yeah, this is a great story too.

  • Somebody get me some Pepto, my stomach is doing cartwheels.

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