Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

I flopped down on my bed, my legs slightly opened. My pussy twitched and quickly moistened. I was getting hornier and hornier thinking about the things I'd do to you. I quickly undid my bra and tossed it to the side. I sucked on my fingers and rubbed and pinched my nipples, making them stick straight out. I slowly slid my other hand down and into my panties. I put a finger deep inside me as images of you bending me over and fucking me from behind raced through my head. I then slid my other hand down and started rubbing my clit in a circular motion. Before I knew it I was coming hard, probably moaning a little too loud as I did. After I recovered, I crawled under my covers. It felt like hours went by. I glanced over at the clock, seeing that it had only been ten minutes. I sighed and got out the bed. I stood up and walked over to the door, slowly opening it. I tiptoed down the hallway, being careful not to wake mom or dad. I walked up to your door and opened it as quietly as I could. I stepped in and closed the door. There you lay fast asleep in your bed. I stood there for a moment getting wet all over again.

I finally decide to walk over to your bed. I lift the covers and get in bed with you. I laid there sniffing you just a little while. You turn so that you're lying on your back. I smile and slowly slide my hand down getting ready to do what I longed for. I move in and kiss you lightly, being sure not to wake you. I lift up the covers and I take my hand and undo the button on your boxers. I slowly pull your dick out and stroke it carefully. You moan quietly, but keeping your eyes closed. I continue moving my hand up and down your cock. Listening to your sweet moans made me so much wetter. When I could feel you were fully hard, I moved my head down to your dick. I slowly licked around the tip, down your shaft one side and licking back up the other. I listened to your moans and grunts, making me go crazy. I slowly started to slide your massive member into my mouth, trying to go as far as I could. I kept going till I felt it touch the back of my throat, making me gag a little. I slowly started sucking hard, my head bobbing up and down, your dick moving back and forth in my mouth. I continued going faster and a little harder. I hear you moan a little louder, thrusting forward. I started sucking and stroking, wanting you to cum hard in my mouth. Your grunts grew longer, I could tell you were about to cum. I prepared myself to taste you. I kept going, working my mouth and hand piston-like up and down your cock. You suddenly explode in my mouth, I was sure to get all of it. I moaned out quietly, coming on myself from the taste of your cum. Do I go further I wonder?

I lift up, crawling over your dick. I slowly slid the tip of it in me. I moaned out a little, trying to stay quiet. I kept inching in till you were two thirds in. I started moving up and down, getting used to the feel. I kept going till I was comfortable enough to fuck your cock they way I wanted. I started riding you properly, moaning as quietly as I could. I finally covered my mouth as I realized I was being too loud. I felt your hands lift and hold on to my hips. I jumped and stared at you, checking that you were still asleep. I placed my hands over yours as I continued working your dick inside me. I slightly rolled my hips, thrusting you in and out of me hard. I bit down on my lip hard, trying to stay quiet. I licked my lips, tasting a little blood from biting down on them. I continue moving in nice even rhythms. I could feel I was about to cum any second. I kept going as fast as my body allowed me to go. I shrieked as I came hard on you cock, but still going so I could feel you bust in me. My pussy throbbed, but that didn't stop me. I kept going until finally, YES, there it was, your huge load of cum squirting deep into me. I slowly slide you out of me and fall down next to you breathing hard. I stick a finger in me and got some of your cum on my finger. I slid it out slowly slipping my finger into my mouth and sucking it off. I smiled and stared at you. Though you were sleep, your smile was as big as mine. I didn't want to move, but I knew I had to get up sooner or later. After five minutes I finally stood up. I kissed you on the forehead, whispering 'thank you' and quickly leaving the room. That was that, I had found a way to take care of my needs. Whenever my brother thought it was necessary to starve me of his affection, I was going to get it without him ever knowing. I had found a way to fulfill those lonely nights when I lay alone and lust for him.


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  • I wish you were my sister!

  • Your brother knew he was fucking you. And he will gladly do it again.

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