Came in the Sauna

When I was in 9th grade bout 15 I went to a really nice resort with my parents. I was an average boy, skinny and barely hitting puberty. This resort had a killer spa with a big foggy sauna full of cedar wood and glass walls. I remember how it smelled so good, kinda like warm cinnamon and all week I kept going back to spend time in the sauna. It was wierd and stupid and I went in with my swim trunks but I was also fascinated with how it was okay to go in there with just a towel on like I saw other people. I had been in the pool all day and I went to take a shower in the community stalls when I got the courage to go into the sauna naked underneath with just my towel. I tuned off the shower and pulled my swim trunks down and admired my little cock sticking proudly out with just a little peach fuzz showing. I wrapped the little white towel around my waist and went into the sauna expecting to see others there but I was all alone. I climbed up onto the cedar slats of the first bench and could feel my towel give way, exposing me. My little cock got hard and I felt a strange tingle of nakedness. I sat back on the warm bench and since no one else was around I felt the urge to let my towel unravel from around my hips. I was alone and The warmth consumed me and my cock was swollen and I let my towel fall. I was sweating and quite delirious as I got up on all fours like a cat, my cock hard and wet aching to be seen. I sat up and pressed my butt against the slick edge of the cedar bench and began to rub my butthole against its warmth. I was consumed an unaware as I
Grinded my butthole into the soft fragrant wood my little cock was bouncing with each rhythmic pass. I felt an intense heat as I planted the edge of the cedar bench into my ass and shot jets of cum all over my thighs and onto the bench, then layed there with the warm cedar filling my bum and cum all over the place. And that was the first time I came in a sauna.

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