Happened 10 years ago but am confessing today

What I am about to confess to happened over 10 years ago, summer of 2011, but I'm ready to share my story. I have nothing to lose at this point as I divorced my first wife, remarried, and have an amazing newborn as a result. All things happened the way they were supposed to.

summer of '11, as we did each of the previous summers as well, my ex and I went away for two weeks with her parents, her sister, and some cousins joined too. getting to vacation was always a two day process because her family had this stupid tradition of stopping about 4 hours away from the destination, staying the night and eating at the same place every year and then getting up the next day to finish the drive.

That year though was different because my ex-FIL wanted his daughters to drive with him the 2nd day so they could stop and look at the wedding venue for my sister in law. That left my MIL and I in the car. She wasn't invited because my SIL said she was too dramatic and asked dumb questions. I knew my drive was going to be tense so that morning, I woke up, ran across the parking lot of the hotel to this bodega, bought two pounders and put one in my yeti and the other in my starbucks cup.

We drove. She was bitching the whole way down but i had just enough in me to let her keep going. I was exhausted and buzzed by the time we got to the house we rented. I then spent the next half hour unloading my car while she did whatever the hell she did. I'm unsure as to what she got done.

When i was finally done, i plopped down on the couch with another beer and just stared at the wall. She came over, sat down on the ottoman in front of me and said, "hey, thanks for listening today. I know you're beat. Can I get you anything?" I have no idea what the hell happened in my brain but i said, out loud, "Yeah, how about a blowjob?" As soon as it came out of my mouth, i gasped and she just blinked at me. I said, "I am so so sorry. I have no idea why that came out of my mouth." She just nodded at me, got up, and walked away.

in my head, all i could think was, "Fuck. I just ruined a 2 week vacation on day one. fuck me." I was wrong.

She came back 5 minutes later and said, "I just got off the phone with Peter. They aren't going to be here for 2 hours. Come with me." I followed her up the stairs to the bedroom the cousins would have in two days when they arrived. She shut the door behind me and said, "lay down." I went to speak and she said, "Shh." I laid down. She climbed up on the bed, knelt over me, I had a great view of her cleavage, she pulled my gym shorts down, looked up at me and said, "I'm giving you your blowjob. You're giving me an orgasm after this and we'll never discuss it again. Understood?" "Yep."

She sucked my cock like a god damn pro. i was in a place of immediate relaxation. When I came, she swallowed all of it and said, "Ok, my turn. I like to be on bottom." She removed her shorts and her shirt, left her bra on, and laid her back on the bed. I crawled between her legs, started rubbing her clit with my thumb and she said, "I'm ok. let's go." I inserted my cock in her and her eyes got really big and she took a deep breath. She smirked for a second and said, "that's bigger than i realized. wow. Ok." I went slow until I thought she could handle more. Then I grabbed both her thighs, pushed them up towards her hips and buried myself inside her. I started pumping faster and faster and she was moaning like crazy and letting out these high-pitched yelps as well. I knew I was close and assumed she was too so I tried going even harder and her orgasm was a borderline shriek. I came too and sent a massive load inside her. Even bigger than the one I put in her mouth 10 minutes earlier.

I laid down next to her and she said, "Needed that. Ok, we have about an hour or so before they're all home. you go relax and I'll clean this room up. Thanks."

The next few days were uneventful but that weekend it spiced back up again. We were all at the dinner table that friday night and we knew that my SIL and her fiance, who arrived that morning, were driving up to the venue the next morning. The original plan was supposed to be just those two. The idea was floated however, after a few drinks I'll add, my MIL that my FIL and wife go too. Her argument was that FIL was paying so he ought to see it and my wife was the MoH and would keep my SIL level-headed. My wife said, "what about you two?" I spoke up before my MIL could, because i could see what was happening, and said, "if you guys are going too, I'll play golf the next two days and i'll take her (looking at my MIL) out to dinner so she's taken care of too." My wife looked at her dad and he said, "let's see if there's one more room available." There was. It was on.

I woke up the next morning as my wife was leaving. My MIL was dressed and said, "I am going shopping for a few hours. I'll see you when you're done with golf." Then she stared at my wallet until I looked over at it too. I saw a note. Everyone left. I opened the note. It read: "I am going shopping but i won't be long. Want to get some things for today. Call me when they've been gone for an hour." I did as she said and when she answered, she said, "Red or Black?" I said "what?" she said, "Red or Black? quickly. I thought my MIL may have been playing roulette or something and said "Black. where are you?" She said, "Sorry, red looked better on me. You'll like it. See you in a half hour or so."

She got home. I got up and she said, "I am going to shower and clean up. Come to my room in 45 minutes. No sooner." Time ticked slowly but it was finally time to walk in. She had on a red lace lingerie set and was sitting on the bed. She said, "That belongs to me for the next 24 hours" as she pointed at my cock. "You'll do what I say and you'll be rewarded for your efforts. do we understand each other?" My brain was mush.

We spent the next 24 hours in a cycle of fucking, sucking, eating, napping that I'll never forget. I did things with her that I hadn't done with my wife (25 years younger than her).

We never hooked up or mentioned it to each other ever again. No one else knew it happened and I believe that's still the case. I wound up divorcing my wife a few years later after she caught me with my former receptionist but that's the only indiscretion she knows of.

I'll admit, I still jerk off thinking about that trip and how wild my ex-MIL was. I wish, even now, that I had one more chance with her. She's 63 or 4 now and I'd still jump at the chance if I were given it.

2 months ago

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    • I confessed to my best mate that I used to suck his older brothers cock every weekend for 6mths until they moved away
      He was shocked but it didn’t affect our friendship

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