I can always tell when my wifey’s going to bring a BBC home

I can always tell when my wifey is going to go out and bring a BBC home to fuck in front of me. Now that we can go out and this quarantine is over I know my wifey’s going out in the next 24 hours. How do I know this? She slipped me a large dose adderall!! I have 10x more energy, my thoughts of sex; dirty, naughty and wild are streaming through my brain right now. The kind of thoughts you can’t tell anyone because of how nasty they are. And the real kicker is my cock is shriveled up to like 2”!! That woman knows exactly what adderall does to me. Now I can expect that in the next 24 hours my wifey is going to be a complete slut for a BBC and get used in our bed. I won’t even be able to get hard but my cock will be ooozing precum like a fucking faucet.

Why does she do this to me?!!!

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  • My wife started fucking around during lockdown and she doesn't care.Everyone especially people with mental health issues has had to do something different to cope.My wife chatted to local guys online and invited them over while I was at work.I got suspicious when I heard her on video call.Came home early to see some guy leaving.Confronted her and she lost it saying that she'll be gone when this is all over.I pleaded and said no don't.So she said to accept her new fun then.Ive since come home to see thru the window my wife being taken on the couch by a stranger.She fucks a black guy too.If I come home and hear her upstairs I always know when she's fucking the bbc because her moans are louder and her orgasms are more prolonged and intense.So I've accepted it and since she wont even fuck me I've sat and played with my cock while listening.

  • Your wife needs to find a BBC, but with a couple. Then you can give the black chick some white cock too.

  • Why not? Sounds like you enjoy it.

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