Wife and a BBC

My wife says she wants to have sex with a BBC.
Should I let her have a BBC?

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  • Niggers are a good screw, if you like fucking animals.

  • That's why I like watching them using my wife.

  • I get it

  • My wife came to me with the same question. I was into it and had always wanted her to have sex with someone else so I could watch. That was 3 years ago. She has since then fucked over 20 black men and several other men. Our sex life is better now than it had ever been. My wife takes better care of herself and has never looked better. You have to be strong to let this happen though. She loves sex with other men and still has sex with me whenever I want it. But....she has admitted that she enjoys sex with other men with larger dicks than she does with me. She has told me that she is addicted to big cock and can't stop. Don't start it if you can't deal with her listing for other men all the time.

  • Why I need pussy now and later and to masterbate and play while I speak to others in the process of doing that.

  • Not to sound racist, but I would shoot my wife in the head if she ever fucked a Colored. No self respecting woman would even stoop that low, in my opinion, cept maybe a Mexican woman. There is a reason God planted the Coloreds on a separate continent than the rest of us, He didn't want them interbreeding and coloring up the human race.

  • Wtaf....

  • You probably have a very small pecker. Probably overweight and bald as a typical white male.You white ass wipes are the reasons for all these diseases brought over to America so don’t forget that. You also probably couldn’t get another piece of ass if you wanted to. I wouldn’t doubt if shehas been fucking around on you and you don’t even know it. You sound exactly like a racist and you’ll go down as one so enjoy it

  • Not to sound racist??? What a moron. I would guess that you have a tiny little dick and know that you treat your woman like shit. She would leave you in a minute if she ever had a big black dick. My husband use to sound just like you. The first time I was treated to a beautiful black man and his magical cock I left my little dicked jealous husband.

  • You seem to jump to some pretty far fetched assumptions, based on your own prejudices. I happen to have an IQ well above genius level, I have a to have a larger than average cock, for a White guy, and I treat my wife with the utmost respect. The fact that my wife and myself have enough self respect and pride to not fuck some Jigaboo, does not, in fact, make me racist, it only serves as testament that I take pride in my race and culture.

  • You still sound like a racist. You say you have a level of IQ well above genius that’s hilarious you Hillbilly hick. Your cock is probably measured by a magnifying glass. I bet your wife really wishes she never married your racist ass but she’s probably inbreded like you.

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