Str8 but have this fantasy

This will sound weird to some.......
Im straight and the thought of intimacy with another man is a total turn off and yet i have had the fantasy of being in a situation where im helpless and have no choice but submit to orally servicing a dominant aggressive black man. In this fantasy its always some secluded place where I'm pushed to my knees and told not to resist or else. Then he exsposes his dick inches away from my face , pulls my head with both his hands and proceeds to use my mouth with his cock. Im at his mercy. If i could have this happen in some sort of role play one day i would probably submit...... Weird huh?

3 months ago

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    • It’s cool you’re just exploring your sexuality! I’m thinking the same way
      I just want to try a nice shaved Hard Cock in my mouth once it sounds fun ! I don’t know if I’d be able to handle a black dick yet ! Well whatever cums first !!

    • I haven't sucked a black cock yet. I'm still waiting for that pleasure

    • No not weird at all I have the same desire and I would love to have a big black Cock in front of me cuz I know I would put my mouth around it and suck and shove it down my throat as far as I could until he exploded in my throat yum makes me horny just thinking about it and I would love for him to put that in my ass and Jackhammer me and fill me full of his hot thick c u m yum

    • You are so far from straight! More bent like a pretzel!

    • Why label all this shit anyway? Sexuality has a fluidity. And I have sucked quite a few black cocks, myself.

    • Fuck you and your PC shit asshole! There is only two sexes male and female!
      They can't be changed period as DNA will prove that! And there is only straight and gay! The word bi is for you stupid idiots that want to pretend you are straight when you are gay! Stick your fluidity up your ass as you would love that fag!

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