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After 11 years of marriage, I began to suspect my (now ex-)wife Allie was having an affair. Or more than one, I didn't know. If she was, she was very careful. We had years ago talked about and rejected the idea of video cameras in the house, so that was out. I didn't want to spend the money to pay a PI to get evidence unless I was pretty sure it was there. So I had to just wait and think.

One Wednesday when I got home from work Allie was already there. Usually she got home about 15 minutes after me. She said she took off from work early because she had a headache. (Her schedule was pretty flexible so taking a few hours off anytime she wanted was not a problem.) When I was up in our room changing and she was starting dinner, I took a careful look around. The sheets were freshly changed and the old ones were not in the laundry hamper, so they must have been in the washing machine in the basement. I saw nothing out of order in the bathroom, although the shower was a bit damp. When I was about to give up I sat down on my side of the bed to tie my shoes, and there, on one of the slippers I keep next to the bed, was a big, unmistakable glob of cum.

I sat there, almost hyperventilating, then decided I would get one more piece of evidence before shelling out for a PI. After a bit of thought, I had an idea, so I went on down to eat dinner.

On Monday the next week, I stopped at the hardware store on the way home, then spent all of two minutes in the bathroom working with a screwdriver. I beat her home on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, she was already there, and gave me a big kiss. She smelled freshly showered. She went to start dinner, and I went to our bathroom, locked the door, and examined the shower. I pulled out the in-drain "wedding ring" trap I had installed on Monday. (Ironic name, I thought.) I twisted it open and found it half full of cum. This time I wiped a bunch of it onto a washcloth and put it in my bedside table, then after dinner brought up a plastic sandwich bag to put the cloth in. The next day I visited a PI.

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  • When I started dating my wife, I was a virgin and she was not. She told me that she had sex with both of her previous boyfriends. She asked me if that was a problem and I told her that it wasn't. I actually thought that she was more desirable since she already knew what she liked about sex and would teach me since she was my first. While we dated, she also dated other guys and would have sex with them. I looked at her having sex with other guys and her getting more experience. When I asked her to marry me she had sex with nearly 20 other guys. She told me that she wouldn't be able to stop having sex with others. I told her that I wouldn't try to stop her and she agreed to marry me. Over the twenty years that we have been married she has had sex with over 100 men. I love my experienced wife.

  • I was sort of a possessive husband, Think it was because my hot wife got hit on fairly often. And she loved the attention-- guess who wouldn't like that. I had a fling in my mid 40's with a younger girl I met through work. She she was married too. We enjoyed being each other's safe side fuck. Then I found my Jill was some younger guy's side fuck, Much younger and he wasn't married. Anyway we gave each other hell. Thankfully our side fucks dumped us. Mine got a divorce and didn't want to sneak around with a married boyfriend. Think Jill's guy fucked her because he could. She may have been on a MILF list at our corner bar. Anyway it's been an open-ish relationship since. She actually fixed me up with a young babe we met a resort bar -- she told her I was her ex and we still like the beach together.. "make sure your wear a condom, don't go down on her, and enjoy." she borrowed my carry on for Girl's Beach Week last year. Next time I used it on biz trip, TSA found her condoms in the pocket, 12 pack, 3 left. She was busy Beach Week. Hacked her phone, same password for everything, and saw nude pictures of her from BW. And selfies of her with a young lifeguard. I'm married to a Cougar. At least she's a safe sex advocate.
    But the nude pictures I have problem with. They're just R rated poses -- but still -- the lifeguard is showing them "look at the Cougar I fucked." I know young me would. Hopefully he doesn't have copies.

  • She immediately came to me and we fucked like rabbits. Then your ex-wife moved in with me and we fuck every day. We are very happy together.

  • Did her sexual desire drop off with you when she started fucking the other guy?

  • Load of crap not cum

  • Seriously? You do know that cum rapidly dissolves in water, and would not be left in a shower drain? That's the stupidest load of streaming bullshit I've ever read.

  • He's a 13 year old kid sitting at home with nothing better to do. What do you expect?

  • So what did the PI find out? Who was she screwing?

  • She was screwing the PI

  • Glad im not the PI eeeeuck !!

  • The dude must be a heavy load cummer.

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