Caught Daughter Exposing Herself

I arrived home unexpectedly early from a business trip I didn't have my key
I peeked through the window and was shocked to see my 13 year old daughter sat oppressive her dad without under wear and her legs wide open playing with herself, sat opposite was her dad with his pants down slowly wanking,
I have enjoyed wanking and watching many times but not with a family member,
I was shocked to say the least I got back in my car not knowing what to do,
I kept thinking about what ide seen I became very wet and had an orgasm
in my pants, is that all they are doing while ime away, don't know if I should ignore or what, I still keep going wet thinking about them.

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  • I mention over meal that night what had seen and say feeling left out so after the meal can all us sit circle sorting ourselves watching each other then see where gos me i love to have sex with wife in front her daughter and show teach about knowing she virgin still

  • I know its a bit different but I liked mum to catch me wanking

  • Only you can make that happen. Are you hoping for sex with your mum?

  • Yes I am curious would it be the ultimate sexual excitement and taboo, what turns me on the most is thinking of the first penetration when I go in the place where I came out, of I ejaculate with out touching myself when I think about it, why ime thinking about mum is I've done it with her sister my aunt several times they look so much alike, I was thinking about mum at the same time, my aunt asked if I had fucked any other family members, no I said she was the only one, she said there are lots of other possibilities if I wanted to explore,
    no taboos. so there it is, I am mature ay 31,

  • The bond between mother and son is naturally strong so sex is a natural form of intimacy between a mother and son.

  • I use to like my dad to catch me naked with my fingers in my vagina, I wanted
    to continue playing with my self while he watched but I didn't have the courage,
    if dad had said carry on I would have hoping he would get his hard cock out
    for me to see, I whish I had the courage

  • Sometimes you have to be brave.

  • I came home early one day from work because I was not feeling well. The sounds coming from the bedroom of my sixteen year old daughter were unmistakable along with a very loud exclamation of how good his cock felt. I put on some comfortable clothes then went back downstairs to watch some tv knowing the absolute look of shock that would be on her face.
    I heard him saying a few times that he needed to really go because he was going to be late for work, she was giggling and saying wonderful things like she could not wait for his cock to come back tomorrow and she loved sucking it. I hit mute on the tv just to really surprise them, my daughter came down the stairs first still naked and blocked the bottom of the stairs sticking her arms out and spreading her feet to the edges. He came trotting downstairs joking around with her and telling come on, really I have to go as he picked her up in his arms and then set her down a few feet away. He leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and I watched her head fall back in pleasure. I then noticed his hand go right down to her vagina and she squirmed around as he obviously fingered her. He departed with a love you and see you tomorrow morning and neither one of them even noticed me sitting in my chair watching it all.
    She turned around after the door closed and began walking back towards the stairs. I let her know i was there by saying "Please tell me you are using birth control or condoms." She screamed so loud and jumped so much that she landed on her ass on the floor. The look on her face was priceless as she tried to gather up something to say to me. Finally she said "How long have you been sitting there?" I told her about a half an hour now"
    She just quit talking and got up off the floor and went to her room.

  • ...would you entertain the idea of all 3 of you having some fun?

  • I had to bath my grown up son he had come off his bike and damaged his hands, I admit I took liberties when I washed his cock, he got a hard on straight away which is normal, I kept washing until he came, really I was wanking him,
    after his got better it moved on to a full taboo telationship,

  • Its best kept in the family

  • Family sex should be an option

  • Any new developments?

  • Leave them to it

  • Hi, I would talk to them and tell them what you saw. Ask them how far they have gone and are they using protection. Speak to your daughter and work whether this is her choice or whether she has been talked into this behaviour or not. If this is purely a consensual thing then give them your blessing and see if they are open to you joining in. Importantly, if this goes in a family sex direction then get your daughter on the contraceptive pill.

  • Soooooooo what did you do when you got home

  • I haven't said anything yet

  • Yeah, show zero concern and do nothing to protect your daughter.

  • My daughter was ok masturbating in front of her dad and him in front of her, I think there was some persuading but not much she I forward for her age same as me I was sexually active at a very early age, she looked to be thoroughly enjoying exhibiting her self, if I put a stop to it ime sure they will find a way, if her sexual urge is like mine its very strong, I am a bit disgusted with myself for being turned on, I cant decide what to do, of if it could be a threesome, I realise they will fuck her sooner or later,

  • It's good to hear your daughter is consenting to what's happening between her and her dad. It's not unusual for family members to be attracted to each other and there is a obvious sexual attraction between your daughter and your husband. You should speak to your husband and tell how it made you feel. You shouldn't feel disgusted at all, what you felt is completely natural. You need to discuss with your husband what you do now. For example, are you going to invite your daughter to your bed? Possible threesome? Should your husband have a vasectomy to ensure no unwanted pregnancies?

  • Tell her Dad you saw them...and be supportive....he'll love you for it. If they are both indeed wanting it, then watching them play with each other and maybe eventually fuck will be a very sensual and horny experience for you!

  • Get your daughter to 69 tongue her 13yr old bald cunt while she fingers ur sloppy holes. Meantime daddy can ram his cock into baby girls tight arsehole as yow watch from below tasting her squirting young introitus....

  • Clearly a reply from someone who hasn't had sex yet! Bless 🙄

  • Well put!

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