Found mom and the family pet

Now 25.

I have no idea how to say this but I will try to describe the situation. When I was 12 my parents and I where living in a house that most of the time of the year was really hot. So me I was always using a short as my father and my mom used to use sundress many times.

The living room and the kitchen where separated by a wall with a place for placing a door between them but my parent's never put it so we could see easily what was happening in the kitchen or vise versa.
And the kitchen was connecting with a little backyard where we had our dog and was also part of the laundry place.

One day I had so much homework to do so I place myself with my headphones in the living room were was a table that gave me the vision to the kitchen and the backyard as well (the house was not so big). My father used to arrive really late from work all the time so that night we where only my mom and me. She was doing the laundry while I was doing my homework. I didn't understood why my mom used to do the laundry with no lights until that day, she used to say that she liked to see the sky while doing it .

Anyways, I loose the notion of the time and suddenly one of my songs finished there where a silence everywhere (apparently) I realized the light of the kitchen and the backyard where off and then I listened the footsteps of the dog quite excited I started to listen the sound of licking and sneezing some times. I directly understood if mom was there with lights off with the dog they where together.
I pretended to listen music but listening with so much attention the sounds and just the fact that she was there letting the dog lick her pussy with me in just around 3 metres away excited me a lot. After that night I made everything possible to spy her every nigh and she was doing it every time. I never had the courage to stand up and going there to see her reaction but now I also asking to myself if she wanted to be caught by me.

Days after I caught her going downstairs late night letting the dog licking her pussy I was always listening the same sound of the dog excited and sneezing
probably because she was so wet. I was only capable to stay in the stairs but never getting closer.

Do you think she wanted to be caught by me? What do you guys think she wanted? or what would you do in my case?

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  • I think your mom wanted you, instead of the dog, but was afraid to ever say anything to you. After a good licking, she probably would have let you fuck her pussy too.

  • She was also the one to talk to me about my first erection. She never pretended nothing and was respectful but in a way that first day she talk to me about my first erection I felt it kind hot the conversation. My mom was never direct when talking about sexuality conversations. It was difficult to know if she was saying something or asking something

  • Now that you say it. It makes sens to me. I never had the valor tot talk with her about sexuality it was almost like a taboo but sometimes she would talk to me in a way to lead to talk about sexual conversations but right after telling me to do not talk to my father

  • There normally is a close bond between a mother and son. Sometimes that closeness can lead to sexual activity. Next time your mum is talking openly about sex, ask her if she has ever considered anything sexual with you. Be honest with her.

  • Yeah by the sounds o it. She may have wanted to you to take her and doc her also

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