Glad Times have Changed. Whew! Wee!

Back in the 80's when I was in high school things were so much different. For those of you who were my age back then you understand. You couldn't just be who you were without maybe being attacked or beaten. You didn't come out of the closet either. Yeah there was Boy George and Elton John and then you had Rock Hudson. Yes the AIDS scare and everybody was really worried. If you were gay back then people looked at you in crazy ways. I was just really coming to the realization that I was a homosexual and loved being with other males. I had several relationships that happened by me simply hanging out in the men's room at our local mall. Yes we had huge indoor malls were the place to hang out for all us kids on the weekends. My first encounter was with a 30 something man in a stall in the men's room. He made me suck his cock and he ejaculated in my mouth. I thought I had AIDS for sure after that. I enjoyed doing it at the time. I found a teacher in college who guided me personally whenever he could. He taught me how to make love and where to find other like minded people and not the men's room of the local malls. Although I did find release at a rest stop on I95 by a truckdriver who opened my eyes and my rectum wide bent over a toilet in one stall. Those were some crazy days oh my yes! I am HIV positive but it's ok. I take my meds and my lover and I enjoy a wonderful life here in Tampa with our two little pooches. I love my little Yorkie. He's so cute I just love cuddling up with him and my mate watching Turner Classic Movies and Game of Thrones. Our life is really great now. Have to go snuggle up with Ronnie. Love and kisses. Hope my story inspires others to find their way and orientation. Peace to all.

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  • I'm glad it's changed but it was a lot of fun being the cute kid in short frayed cutoffs and tighty-whitie underpants sneaking around with the older boys and men. I had so much fun being with them. I'd been promiscuous with a few boys but with my first man lover when I was 12-13 changed me a lot.

  • I wrote this to help people heal and understand what we need most is love and understanding. I really don't understand all the nasty people and hate they spew. I try and understand it but I just can't. Are you nasty hateful people so threatened by us? I hope that everyone will ignore these nasty people who say horrible things. They can not change how things are progressing. I guess they see life changing and can't deal with it so they strike out. Stay strong my friends. I love you each and everyone. Peace!

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  • It's so different today than it was when I grew up. It just wasn't cool to let on that you preferred a male to a female. I loved putting on girls things and always wanted to be one because they always had such pretty things to wear. I was introduced to this at a young age by an older man. I knew that he loved me by the way he treated me and made love to me. He and I had to be careful but that wouldn't be so true today.

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  • Darling, I was born in 1970 and brought up by two gay Aunts after my parents divorced. I am sure that they didn't want a little boy as I was raised as a little girl!! It was only when I was about eight years old that I discovered I was different from my female classmates.
    When my piers discovered this I was bullied terribly so much so that my Aunts removed me from that school and I was tutored at home until I was twelve. Then I was sent as a boarder to a special school as I was considered autistic. The good thing was that my classmates and others were kind and thoughtful and the place was free of bullying and I had a room of my own.
    It was there that I formed a relationship at fifteen with a boy called Trevor and it was a time of exploration. Trevor was clearly very fond of me and would on occasion come to my room. One day we kissed and I shall remember that moment forever and we became special friends.
    On another occasion I told Trevor about my difference and he gently put his hand up my skirt and felt my penis and I became erect in my knickers and we kissed and kissed.
    I have lived as a gay transvestite ever since, I like female company and have many female friends all of whom know my secret, but I prefer a sexual relationship with a man, particularly an older married man.
    I now own a ladies boutique and it is successful commercially although closed right now for this dreadful virus, but we specialise in vintage dresses, blouses, lingerie in fact most female clothing, on the internet.
    Love you all xx

  • Like you I enjoy the company of females especially lesbians and like you I fit into two categories of transexualness, shemale or transvestite...I'm just not sure where I fit in? I do love to lick pussies and to fuck them and all the times I'm with my shemale friends I'm all dressed up like them. And really enjoy them fucking me and they like my cock in them as well ! And we all treat ourselves as girls which we do all kinds of naughty things to each other..I believe I've become more of a shemale than anything else..that's what they tell me..anyway I like cocks and pussies and when they cum together it's such a treat!!!

  • I grew up in that time and I remember it a little differently. Yes, there were some people who didn't like gays, but there were many of us straight guys who really didn't care who you slept with. To tell you the truth, it was the closest homosexuals who had the biggest problem with gays, not the straight people. In the early 90's I started working at a factory with an openly gay guy. Me and few other straight guys had no problem working with him, but there was this one guy who REFUSED to even talk to guy. He kept saying he hated gays, and he was going to hell, blah blah blah. Then several years later we find out this same guy who said all that was fucking gay himself. So don't be so quick to blame straight people for all the shit that went on, most of that shit was coming from closet homosexuals.

  • I have to agree, the guys that tormented me in high school the most I bumped into in gay bars many years later.

  • Exactly, most everyone I knew who was homophobic has turned out to be gay themselves.

  • Yep! Like me. I was scared that I was a homo fucking dick sucking taking it in the ass queer. I found out that men turned me the fuck on. I admit it freely. I love seeing the male body naked. Their sexy hot ass' and penis' swinging about. I sucked my first cock and it was over. Nothing wrong with fucking another man. I would love to bend over for you or suck you off anytime and I don't even know you. But I'd like to.

  • I grew up during that time as well, and was brutally bullied and tormented all through school. Thanks for sharing, and all the best to you.

  • Your so welcome sweety. All my best. Sorry you were bullied and tormented. The world truly needs more love and understanding. I hate bullies.

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