Wife no longer interested

My wife of 9 years is no longer interested in me. I realise that I am no spring chicken but I'm still horny as fuck at 40 years old. When we try to do stuff she constantly complains about everything and it sucks. Her kink is gone too, she's not interested in sucking or anal anymore, and even seems to have lost the need to get eaten out (I love eating out pussy and ass, she USED to love it too). Now it all seems like a chore for her, like something she feels like she has to do every once in a while rather than something she enjoys. I'd love too chat more, feel free to email warezluv5@yahoo.com anytime.

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  • Aren't you tired of being used? There is a much better life waiting for you if only you are willing to work on yourself and stop playing this dumb game their way. You don't need a woman to live a full and happy life. Stop letting women and sex control you and take charge of your life. I'm referring to the countless strong brothers who have decided to become a MGTOW Monk. Men who are refusing to be used anymore by women and the broken system that supports these useless , worthless, weak minded creatures stalking the streets looking for hopeless victims that will work to support them. Grow a pair of balls man and take responsibility for once in your life. You will be forever free to live the life you have been supposed to enjoy all along. You don't need a fucking lying , cheating, stealing , whore to make you happy. You have been lied to since you were a little boy by a woman. We are the strong of the world both in physical and mental strength. Stop drinking the cool aid the government has been giving you to keep you slaves. Wake the fuck up man.

  • It's the same for me. She doesn't complain, but everything else is the same. It has led me down a secret solo kinky path.

  • I'm now seeking out a woman that's I'm my situation. Hoping to connect and possibly hook up with a good (non complainer) woman that likes some kink! Thanks for replying.

  • They don't fucking exist brother. The sooner you realize it the better off you'll be. They all want a man to take care of them. No one is promised a life from the hard earned sweat of others. Plus they will end up cheating on you in the end and you will be just another broken ass cuckold. There is much more waiting for you than a little sex. I'm almost free of women now. I have but a few more years to pay my ex and then that fucking lying cunt can curl up and die for all I care.

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