1st time experience

I would like to hear from a male as to his first experience giving a blow job.
Was it exciting, did it make your heart beat fast. How did you do it. Did you lick it before you put your mouth on his shaft or did you just go right for it and put your mouth on it and feel it grow in your mouth.
The larger his cock became did it make you more excited.
What was it like when your partner shot his load in your mouth. Did you jerk him off to make sure you got all of his cum.
Please be honest.

Feb 22

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    • My friend Robert and I messed around with each other when we were teenagers,we gave each other blowjobs and that was my only experience with a guy for 30 years,im married with kids and last year bumped into Robert for the first time since we left school,we had a few beers in a nearby pub where he told me he was bi sexual and brought up what happened with me and him all those years ago,don't ask me how he convinced me but he did,we ended up back at his place and I let him suck my cock, it was the best blowjob I'd ever had, don't cum yet he said! Do you want to suck mine? I was so fucking horny I just said yes what the hell! I have a pretty average size cock but Robert put me to shame, I got to the floor and stroked his cock and just took him in my mouth! Your a natural Robert joked as I sucked on his big cock! I didn't expect him to cum so quickly and was a bit shocked trying to swallow his hot cum, we've met countless times since and I love the feeling of his cock getting hard in my mouth , I never in a million years thought I'd love cock so much

    • My first time the other guy standing leaning up beside a tree, I felt of his hard dick for a couple minutes and then went to my knees, as soon as my lips touched his dick, I shot off, I kept sucking until he shot off. It was as pleasant as I hoped it would be.

    • I was about 14 or so, convinced my buddy to let me suck his dick and he eventually let me do it. I undid his pants, pulled them down and leaned over and took his dick in my mouth

    • I am a male and my first time sucking a cock I was scared and crying because I was forced to do it . I was 12 years old and one night my father woke me up in the middle of the night when my mother was working as a nurse. When I opened my eyes he was standing over me naked with his cock close to my face. He had me by my hair and pulled me up and sat me on the edge of the bed. With his other hand he held his uncut cock towards my mouth and he pushed my face toward his cock I had my mouth closed and he told me to open up my mouth and he put it into my mouth and started pushing my head back and forth I didn't know what was going on but he was fucking my little mouth he didn't last very long before he started to cum as he held my head down on him I was gagging on his cock and I had a swallow his cum. Afterwards he told me that I better not ever tell anyone and that he will be waking me up from now on so I could make him happy. My father kept his word and every night he would wake me up and after a while he wasn't forcing me to suck him off and he was teaching me how to give head to a man this went on until I was 16 years old and I learned to enjoy sucking cock and I still do even now that I am married and my wife knows that I am a submissive bisexual and she is okay with it because she gets to have sex with other men also.

    • My first time I wasn’t sure I’d ever do it a second time so I went ALL in. I played with this guys very big stiff cock in my hands and just licked for a long time. I tasted his precum on my lips and really liked it. I got under his heavy balls and licked, sucked , and spit on them. Then I got even lower and I really went for it and I tongued his dark hairy asshole. The thought of where my tongue was made me rock hard and I started to jerk my own cock as I rimmed him. Finally after teasing him I swallowed his entire cock and sloppily licked up and down his thick shaft until he unloaded a huge jizz shot into my mouth that actually overflowed out the corners of my mouth. I beat my meat so fucking hard that I blew a massive load right onto his still stiff cock that soaked him tip to balls and dripped into his ass. It was incredible and I suck all the cock I can now and yes I always eat asshole too

    • My first timewas both nervous and exciting
      I had wanted to try it for a long time.
      I found a number to call. He answered and we made a date
      When we met I was scared, but eager to try it.
      We parked in a secluded place. He exposed his really nice cock. I bent over and took him in my mouth.
      I remember thinking " I can't believe I'm sucking a cock"
      The nervousness left and was replaced with joy. It was great. I loved it.
      So as I'm sucking it I'm wondering what it will be like when he cums.
      It was different than I expected. I had asked him to warn me when he was about to cum
      When he said I'm about to cum- I expected a strong squirt of cum hitting the roof of my mouth. Instead it was a nice flow onto my tongue. I loved it.
      When we were finished I remember thinking now that I tried it- I don't have to do it again
      Now with close to 500 bjs behind me I'm still going strong.

    • Thanks for your comments.
      After 500 BJ’s you must have preferences.
      White , black. Size. Cut, uncut.
      Thank you again for your honesty. I loved reading it. I’ve wanted to try it . You have convinced me to do it.

    • I prefer cut. I also like average to larger. I also like unshaved. Color doesn't matter. I love white and black
      The most important is can they get hard and can they cum

    • Do you prefer your partner laying down or do you like being on your knees?

    • My first time was so exciting. When I was still working I had connected with a guy and been meeting him weekly at lunchtime at his apartment, for maybe a month. We just jerked off initially, then started sucking and then jerking off. But never the full oral act to completion. One time I was sucking him and he went to grab his cock to jerk off and finish, but I pushed his hand away. He was surprised but I became very eager and excited and sloppy and started deep-throating him rapidly. He leaned back and started breathing heavy then said “Oh fuck I’m gonna cum”. Then he thrust his hips so his cock went deep and he gave this tremendous grunt followed by moaning as I felt his cock start to pulse and felt the cum spurt into my mouth as he ejaculated. I’d seen him cum before and knew to expect a big load. But I’d never been on the receiving end of a mouth load before. I relished it filling my mouth almost to overflow as I sucked on. Feeling spurt after spurt, and finally tasting another man’s salty sweet cum as he pumped it into me. It as so exciting. Finally I swallowed and somehow felt like I’d graduated or joined some exclusive club. It was so exciting and naughty and sexy and made me feel like a submissive slut….a feeling I’d always chased but never fully attained until that day. I’ve sucked off more than 40 guys, but I’m hard pressed to say any was as exciting as that first.

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