My two dogs

I came home from work yesterday, and when I walked in, my two dogs(huskies) didn't knock me down with cuddles as they usually do. I followed the sound of their breathing, and found them in the living room, having, well... A moment. I collect their semen for vet labs, artificial insemination. I could've guessed what they did to relieve their blueballs, but I'd never been confronted with evidence. The sight turned me on, and now I have to wonder if they'd rather I collect more often, or even suck them off.

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  • I figured you were a guy. Have your way with them. Probably the only cock and doggy style fucking you'll get.

  • What exactly were they doing? Humping the furniture?

  • They were fucking each other. And the one on the bottom was hard enough to break a rock.

  • Let them fuck you and then collect it twice the fun!!

  • Tempted. I'd never thought of my collection duties as sexual before, but since catching them I've watched some videos online, and I'm turned on as fuck now.

  • Are a man or women?

  • I'm a guy.

  • With two male dogs that were fucking each other? What?

  • Also, I started blowing them yesterday. Quite hot.

  • Did they cum in your mouth?

  • Yes, they did. Wouldn't bottle it for an energy drink, but it wasn't bad.

  • I'm a guy, I have two male dogs who fucked to relieve their boredom(in case you don't know, a male dog who still has his balls is basically perpetually horny). What part of the confession confused you?

  • I didn't think dogs take it up the ass.

  • Homosexuality is present in all the animal kingdom. Dogs are as likely to be a bottom as humans are. Sometimes it's a show of dominance and submission, sometimes it's just for relief.

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