Growing up with two big sisters

I'll start by telling you this is real. No names
I'm 53 now, my two sisters are 55 and 58 so I was the baby brother.
We were what they now call latch key kids, single mother who needed to work, so oldest sister picked us up from school etc and looked after us until mum got home.
We lived in a two bed flat and as kids all shared a room and regularly ended up all in the same bed on cold nights or for stories, it was just normal for us.
One tight when we were all in together I remember my oldest sister touching my penis, it felt strange, I'd have been about 6 or 7 at the time and it didn't take long before it went hard in her hand, she told my other sister and they pulled down the covers to have a look.
So there we were, I was in bed with my sisters and they were both playing with me, pulling me about, rolling my foreskin up and down cupping my balls and I eventually fell asleep.
The next day my penis was really sore, I told my mum and she asked if id been playing with it. I instinctively knew not to say anything about what my sisters had done and said yes.
She checked me out and put some cream on the end of it for me.
That night I asked my sisters to play with me again because I'd liked it, they said it was fun but not to tell mum.
I said ok but I wanted to see theirs and they obliged. That night I suppose was as close to a bi sex masturbation party as kids could get. I played with two pussies, watched as my eldest sister showed me how to 'make it feel funny for my other sister.
This went on for months on and off until our mum found out and we copped for a good hiding.
Skip forward now to me as a teen, my eldest sister had moved out and in with her boyfriend. The slightest breeze gave me a hard on and as most guys will not admit to, I did more than a bit of masturbating.
Every chance I got I was at it, and I'll admit to going through the laundry basket for a pair of frilly's from time to time to make it a bit more thrilling.
So this particular day, I'm convinced its safe because nobody should be home for hours and I'm laying on the sofa, stark naked apart from a pair of knickers wrapped around my...hand, working myself to the point of no return and in walks my sister...
I was mortified. Even more so when her best friend popped here head around the door. Embarrassed doesn't cover it. I scrambled to cover myself and barged past them into the bathroom to the sound of them both laughing. I sat in there for what felt like a lifetime, feeling so ashamed and embarrassed.
Eventually my sister knocked on the door and in a serious voice asked if I was ok. I mumbled something, I can't remember what. She told me she had my clothes and would leave them outside the door for me.
After a few minutes I plucked up courage and reached around the door and grabbed my things and closed the door again and dressed.
I daren't come out of the room, thinking I was going to be humiliated by them but my sister came back and told me her friend had gone after she had made her promise not to tell anybody.
Sheepishly I opened the door, expecting a barrage of laughter but my sister was on her own. She coaxed me to sit down and talk to her. I was so embarrassed and apologetic, I was a wreck to be honest thinking everybody was going to know what I had been doing and I blurted it out.
My sister told me her friend wouldn't tell anyone, she had made her promise. it didn't calm me down.
My sister wanted to know why I had been using her undies to play with myself and I tried to explain, it went back to the things we all did together as kids.
She smiled at me and told me she still thought about it at times and it got her horny and yes she played with herself..but made sure she wouldn't get caught in the act.
That calmed me down a bit but I was still sure her friend would tell somebody and then I would be a laughing stock, and told her.
She assured me it would stay a secret...and then asked me how often I did it & if it did the trick for me, using her knickers?
I thought she was going to start laughing at me again, but she plopped a pair into my lap and asked me to show her what I did with them.
I was stunned, but as I said it didn't take much to get me going and I was hard in seconds. she reached over and gave it a squeeze through my jeans and that was it. I stood up and undid the button and then the fly, hooked my thumbs into the waistband and eased them down leaving myself standing to attention.
I went to sit back down next to her but she told me to take them off. I did and then sat down. I wrapped the knickers around my throbber and started to demonstrate how I played. maybe it was because of what had happened or because I had an audience but I started to soften up. she reached across and cupped my balls with one hand and I hardened up immediately.
She asked if I wanted her to do it for me. I couldn't believe it and said yes, please. I lasted less than a minute & that was the first time another person made me come. I exploded.
When I recovered, next to no time in those days, she asked me to do it again because she wanted to play herself while she watched me.
I ended up on my knees in front of her, her legs wide apart watching each other as we rubbed ourselves senseless.

All true... a one off never repeated experience. And the friend kept her word

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  • That is so horny.
    Shame it never continued.

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