Girls night

I would love for my sexy wife to head out on a girls night on the town. I would fall asleep in bed and be awoken by her late night arrival home by her straddling my face. I would kiss and lick her pretty pussy while she grinds away over top of me. Suddenly a salty creaminess would cover my tongue during my efforts. She smiles with a devilish grin, giggles and asks " anything taste different? Keep licking, your little wifey has been a bad girl" My sexy little wife has creampied me.

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  • When my wife goes out she always comes home satisfied and wants nothing to do with me. One night after rejecting me I looked in her purse and there was a lot of money. So she's a whore and I've come to accept it. Recently she's asked me to find her some more men so I've asked a bachelor at work if he would like to bed my wife for money, but he's got a girlfriend. It was a very embarrassing experience, but a real turn-on.

  • A few years back before I was married I was fooling around with a married woman who I didn't know was married until much later . We met in a bar and the very first night I fucked her in the front seat of my truck in the parking lot of the bar. I asked her if I should pull out and she had this sly look and said no I want your cum in me. We kept meeting up and fucking most Friday nights . One night after not seeing her for two weeks she is teasing and and asking if im going to give her a big load. So out of curiosity ,thinking she had so sort of cum fetish I asked why she always wanted me to cum in her? She looked at me dead serious and said" I caught my husband cheating last year, every time we fuck I go home and have sex with him he has been going down on me and eating your cum for months and has no idea.

  • Well my ladies night only happens once a year, sometimes just one night some all weekend, and the four of us have the intenti9n on cheating on our husbands.

  • There was never any doubt as to what my wife was doing when she went on her night out. I convinced her to start dating other guys about a year after we married so she would come home with a pussy full of cum at least once a week. My favorite was when she would wake me by sitting on my face and grinding her cum-filled pussy into my mouth.

  • This is one of my biggest fantasies. So embarrassing to admit

  • Why don't you just suck a dick to completion ? Get it straight from the source, pure cum, not that shit that's been tainted by a cunt !

  • You sound like someone who can't get laid fuckhole

  • My wife’s ladies night wasn’t always just going out with other ladies, I found out. One night she said she was going out, she had on a dress and looked really good like usual. She always said they’d go to a restaurant or lounge and drink and laugh, sometimes go to a club for dancing. I trusted her until one night something was off, she was extra excited. I called her while she was out and got no answer, it was close to midnight. I used find my phone and saw where she was, a nightclub. I drive over and entered, she was dancing with a guy. I ordered a beer and just hung out, and was looking for her friends. There were none there that I recognized. She was with a group of 4 guys and all of them were very friendly and feely with her. They started heading to door and I walked out soon after, they got into a Tahoe and drove off, I rushed to follow. My wife in a car with 4 guys, wtf. They stopped at a bar and they got out and my wife was holding hands with two of the guys. The bar was small so I didn’t go in. I called her, no answer. Turns out this was her ladies night crew, she’d go dancing with these guys and they’d buy her drinks and dance with her while they tried to meet other girls. She was also having sex with one and had given oral to all of them. She admitted that every time she was out, she had either sex or oral with one or more of the guys. She was basically their pet, their easy lay.

  • That’s what ladies night is all about, wives dancing and making out with single men. Then they come home horny as hell. That’s why I do mine before and afterward.

  • I always fuck my wife when she gets home and hope someone else filled her up before she got home!

  • I always encouraged mine to be a slut while she’s out, told her as long as she is in the club anything goes and to act as if she is single.

  • Before the lockdown, my wife and her friends went out for “ladies night” twice a month. I’m thinking about suggesting this idea to her once they start back up again, would be hot AF!

  • Hot fantasy!

  • Does anyone else know you're gay as fuck?

  • Such a clever comment fuck face. I will fuck your wife. Then beat your POS ass .

  • But, you didn't answer my question, cum gums.

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