Fat chicks

Best sex i ever had was with a fat chick with sacking tits and a big ass. She rode me like a beast, moaning and grinding. She was really something.

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  • My daughter Amy is fat 240 lbs and has never been successful with man she's 24.

    When the lock down started, we turned to each other. I am in love with her now. And she is with me. The sex is the most satisfying we both have were had. To me she is a perfect beauty. I love her curves. Her pussy and ass are so tight and oral from her is like a vacuum. She loves to swallow.

    I only wish we had given into our desires years ago. I wanted her since she was 18, but Amy said she want me to take her since she was 13. She said she masturbated ever night thinking about me fucking her.

    Life is so good now.

  • My ex-wife was huge. Tall, broad-shouldered, wide-hipped, and FAT. She was around 300 lbs the whole time we were married, with these massive hanging tits and an enormous ass. She used to lay on top of me and crush me while she smothered me with her massive titties, then I'd dive between those thunder thighs of her and eat her pussy. After that, she'd flip over and I'd fuck her enormous ass raw. I swear, I have never had anal like I did with her. The fatter the ass, the better the fuck.

  • I use to date a day girl called Alisa and she was dirty. She pretended not to like anal or dusting but the more I tried the more she liked it. I even got a dildo that I could slide over my cock so she ended up with the dildo in her pussy and my cock up her arse, and she was really getting verbal saying how fucking good it felt. Wish I managed to fist her cunt properly but never did get there

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