Boy will I ever be happy when this social distancing is over with.
For the last two months we have been caged like lions and Linda and I are gong nuts wanting to get back where we can share her again.
We have watched every clip of her with other guys several times now but I think she is just as ready as I am.
We still get calls from the add we posted months ago and sometimes she will Skype with a guy and masturbate as they talk but it just is not the same I want to watch her ride a guys cock again and listen to them and smell their sexual odors as they fuck as they go at it. Man I wish it would end soon.

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  • Hmmm , strange ! my ex wife , her name was Linda . this all sounds so much like her , she was Cherokee and Latino .a dropped dead gorgeous babefest . awesome story .

  • How did you get it started? Was her idea or yours? Has it made your own sex life more interesting?

  • Well it was actually her that started it when a friend of her confessed that her husband wanted to share her with other guys and we talked about it for several days and she got a kick out of me always getting hard and horny when we talked about it and after awhile she asked me if it turned me on wondering if I wanted to watch her with another guy and it wasn't long before we decided to try it and she seams to like it so far.

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