Weird Monday night

Monday night, I am in my home office, naked as i am most nights after everyone goes to bed. My wife is working on her masters so she is in her office doing school work. I have been instructed by her to self pleasure as school is taxing her and she isn't in the mood. She left me her panties to catch my release in with instructions to leave them on her nightstand with her vibrator. She will sometimes please herself as a means to fall asleep and i guess my cum in her panties aids in her release. So I am working myself as I watch a fat granny get pounded( bbw granny porn is my thing) and i think i hear something but fat fanny granny was just to interesting to pull away from. I complete the deed, and head to the bed room to place the panties as instructed. I open the door to find my 23yr old daughter completely naked in the hallway. I inquire as to what she is doing. Her reply was getting dressed and reaches for a bra and pair of panties on the table outside my office. We have a puppy who brings anything he finds on the floor to my office and a daughter who has no idea how to use a hamper. so in my state of shock i accept the answer and slide by with my wife's cum filled panties hidden from view. After she is gone i go to my wife's office. I state we may have a problem, I think i may have been observed in my pleasuring process. Her reply was yes you were!!!! She says she was going to the kitchen for a snack when you opened her door and saw our daughter peaking thru the crack in my door (we live in an older house that has settled quite a bit) and furiously fingering herself. She quietly backs into her office and closes the door leaving enough of a space she could watch what was happening and then lifted her nightgown and fingered her self while watching her. OMG, I GOT OFF TO FAT FANNY GRANNY WHILE MY DAUGHTER GOT OFF WATCHING ME AND MY WIFE GOT OFF WATCHING MY DAUGHTER GET OFF WATCHING ME!!!?? Tonight we are all in my office, everyone is in night clothes. The wife excuses herself to go do class work. I leave going to the kitchen to put away the dishes (it was my night). I get back and my daughters panties were laying across my keyboard. I'm not sure how to proceed from here???????

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  • Go to your daughter's office with the panties hanging off your erection, if you can manage. Oh, she doesn't have an office ? WTF, man, everybody else does !

  • Go in to your daughters room, hold her down, then jerk off on her face

  • Rail your daughter

  • Jack off in your daughter's panties and leave them on her nightstand with her mom's vibrator.

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