Trying to convince my friend's wife to divorce.

I’ve known my best friend and his wife since 5th grade. That’s when I was abandoned and my grandparents took me in. I joined the military at 18 because I didn’t want to go to college and damn sure didn’t want my elderly grandparents going in debt for me.
I didn’t reenlist because my grandparents needed back home. I learned to weld in the military and got a job back home with a veteran owned company that builds metal fences.
While in the military, I stayed in contact with them mostly through FB or Skype. His parents set up with a place and since his dad’s a cop, he got him a job as an EMT. She works full time for her parents. She’s the oldest of 3 a built in baby sitter because her mom and dad were busy busting ass at the restaurant and still barely paying bills. College never was an option for her. They got married.
She sent me a care package each month with snacks, supplies, a clover from her yard, a letter about my grandparents health and how she’s doing. It was written on a handmade card with lace, ribbon card that smelt like perfume. I caught shit from my buddies when I opened it. Her handwriting is perfect and signed with a bright red lipstick mark. Her grandmother told her to do that.
I got out two years ago and she took the day off to drive my grandparents to the airport. Grandpa was in Vietnam so I knew I’d tear up when I’d see him but it was her standing beside grandpa in his wheelchair with those big bright blue eyes that did it. She’s very short 4’ 8” and wearing a long dress holding a homemade sign. I told her she looked amazing and asked if she was wearing the same lipstick that’s on the letters. She kissed me on the cheek and told me her friend works at a salon agreed to come in early to fix her hair and makeup for free. This is going to sound bad but I could tell when we video chatted she was gaining weight. OMG! She got THICK! I hadn’t found a place to stay and planned to crash with my grandparents but she asked me to have dinner and stay them for a few days. She made my favorite meatloaf and my friend/her husband wanted to see me and hang. (I assumed he was at work). She had a list of apartments and made appointments the next day and planned to go with me. We dropped my grandparents off then back to their mobile home.
My friend came out of his ‘game room’, said Hi, grabbed a bag of chips and went back. He was fucking huge wearing pajama pants, un-groomed beard, looked like he hadn’t bathed in a week. WTF?
She’d bought me seasonal beer from a local micro brew. He ate quick without saying anything. I didn’t give a shit that he didn’t say a think to me. I got fucking pissed because she’d busted ass this morning to look amazing and the A-Hole was at the table on his phone messaging and laughing. She kept a smile on her face the entire time. He hurried to his ‘game room’ because it was tournament time and he didn’t have to be at work till noon tomorrow. She changed into a very baggy shirt with no bra and shorts that showed a lot of ass. Not in a good way either. It was a wedgie. We talked and she started getting close and flirty. She leaned over and I looked down her shirt. She knew it. OMG her tits were fucking huge! She’s my only good friend and my friend’s wife. I started getting hard and she could tell. I didn’t want to fuck everything up so I cut things short and went to bed.
I thought it was safe and started taking matters in hand but I heard someone walking around. I pulled my shorts back on just as she opened the door to ask how I was doing. She got into bed, slid a hand down my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my cock and said, ‘Good, You’re already hard’ she rolled on top. Her shorts were already off and my cock easily slid in her wet pussy. It felt so wet as she rocked back and forth. There was no stopping now so I squeezed her big fat tits. She let out a soft moan and a long sigh. She whispered, ‘I just got off’ and gave me the ok to finish inside her. I grabbed her soft big ass and with a few thrusts I was unloading a months worth of cum in her. She kissed me said, ‘welcome home’ and left.
The next morning, I felt bad that I’d fucked my best friend’s wife. She was acting normal. He got up late and went to work. While looking at apartments she was very flirty but I told her that was a one time thing and it was the only time we had sex. That was two years ago.

Things were normal and until recently. It’s gotten complicated now. I’m sure other people have dealt with this.
In November, I bought VERY small ‘fixer up’ two bedroom house. She knew the owner and heard he wanted to sell. I know she’s the reason I got a good deal. She’s also been a huge help picking out paint and furniture. I even gave her a key. As soon as I moved in, she started coming over after work to clean, do laundry and have dinner when her husband was working. I offered to pay her but she insists doing it as a friend. I don’t have a tv, just internet, so we talk a lot. We sit outside on antique metal furniture someone gave to her if she’d just come and get it. She picked the colors and helped me sand and paint it. She knows a lot of people in this town and everyone loves her.
When she leaves my place, I think it sucks she’s married because I’ve not had luck dating in this town. Most girls have a drug problem or crazy. Hell, if you’re at the store and say ‘hi’ they’ll go into full blown bitch mode. I’m not desperate for a STD or psychopath so not gonna try anything online.
I thought her marriage had improved because in January, she told me she was mid 20’s, ready for kids and had a Dr appointment to have her IUDs removed. She came to my place crying afterward. The Dr. told her the cold hard truth. She must loose weight. She’s already on lots of medication because of her weight. Her ankles swell and she’s destined to be a diabetic at an early age. As a recommendation from her Dr., she agreed to a year of healthy diet with exercise then get the IUDs removed. I freaked out because this was the first I’d heard about her ankles swelling and that’s a big fucking deal!!!! Her EMT A-HOLE husband told her, ‘just prop your feet up’ What an A-HOLE.
She’s sticking with the diet, walks all the time and lost 25 lbs but needs to loose more. She has energy and a goal to start jogging soon but needs to get the ankle swelling under control first. I send her a smiley emojis every morning when I get up.
Due to the pandemic, mid March, the shop closed and I got furloughed. My unemployment’s rolling in, the first two weeks I did repairs at my grandparents, built/repaired ramps for their friends, helped her dad install new grill exhaust at the restaurant.
Last week, my friend’s ambulance picked up a COVID-19 positive person. They weren’t wearing proper PPE and three of them were forced to self quarantine for 14 days. They should’ve been fired for not following protocols and procedures. Their careless actions caused the town to be without 3 EMTs for 14 days. Her family’s restaurant is only doing ‘to go’ lunch and since she’s working, to be extra safe, she asked to stay with me for 14 days because she didn’t want to stay with her parents. My friend couldn’t wait to be home alone and didn’t care where she stayed. I’ve got a spare room so I agreed.
The first night, she brought salads from work then we went for a walk. She said marriage isn’t what she expected. When he’s home, he never talks or even says hi to her. He just goes to his ‘game room’ and stays late. I was trying not to get pissed. ‘What a fucking A-HOLE’. They hadn’t had sex in months. The last time they tried her mouth got sore trying to get him hard. I laughed at that. She’s thought of divorce but concerned people will call her a whore. I reminded her this town has plenty of ‘whores’ and she’s not one of them. She’s hoping a baby would re-strengthen their marriage.
Once we got back, she kissed me then attacked my cock. I thought, ’what the hell, we’ve fucked before’ so I didn’t buzz kill the moment. She sucked like a whore and I almost blew my load. We hurried to the bedroom and started fucking. I couldn’t wait to bury my face in those fat tits. I dumped the biggest load inside her when I was done!
She woke me the next morning with a soft kiss and told me it was time for her morning walk. I normally wake up this early so I went with her. A week has went by and we’re just hanging out and having lots of sex. OMG I love those fat tits and REALLY love her living with me.
She’s got a lot her mind but still worries people will talk. I wish she'd talk to someone that’ll tell her divorce is OK.
I’ve openly communicated if she chooses divorce, she can move in with me immediately and I’ll pay the legal fees. I told her she’s the person I want to spend the rest of my life and the only person I want to have kids with. If she’s willing, we’ll get married ASAP. She rode my cock hard after that conversation.
I called my boss and he hooked me up with lawyer friend that specializes in divorces. Since they don’t have kids, this will be easy and quick. I hope she decides to leave his ass.
I want to text, “Hey buddy, I’ve been fucking your wife and now she’s agreed to divorce your fat ass and move in with me.” Fall asleep on post, someone will walk in and take your shit. She’ll be the one to break the news.


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  • You may be putting your life at risk if you aren't careful.

  • TLDR

  • This will end in violence

  • Very true ! He's going to find out, the hard way, that you don't stick your nose, or dick, where it doesn't belong.

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