Girls' night out

When our marriage was running down, my ex-wife used to get a kick out of telling me dirty stories about herself. I knew we were headed for a divorce, and I enjoyed the stories, so I sort of egged her on. This is one of her true stories.

In the first few years we were married, we used to socialize a lot with three other couples about our age (late 20's). None of us had kids, we all liked to drink, and none of us was seriously into drugs, so it was a comfortable group. We never did any swapping or sex parties though. One of our socializing customs was girls' night out every other Thursday. At first it was just that- they would go to a bar, get drunk, and laugh at everything anybody said.

Then it took a turn. They began talking seriously about wanting to cheat with somebody, if only to improve their sex life at home. My wife said she was the one who came up with the idea. Every girls' night it would be one woman's turn to not show up, no questions asked. If her husband asked them, of course, they would all say she had been there all evening. But instead, the missing woman would be fucking one of the other women's husbands. The hard-and-fast rule was that nobody was to ask or tell which husband she was fucking.

The first time it went smoothly. None of the husbands knew anything, and none of the other women knew which husband had fucked their missing friend. The second time was not so smooth- the missing woman showed up at the bar after a couple of hours. She said she needed another date to wear down her chosen husband's resistance, ("Just my luck!" she said, "I get a fucking saint!"). None of the women had expected any of the husbands to say no, so they made an exception and let her have the next girls' night, too. Everything worked perfectly this time and she got home later with that special glow a woman gets when she has cheated.

This routine went on for over a year, and none of the husbands figured it out, although there were a couple of times when they asked suspicious questions. But two connected problems began to interfere: two of the women were usually fucking the same husband, kind of a stud muffin, and his wife was beginning to suspect that he was getting a lot more than she was. So by mutual agreement the game ended.

I knew something was going on of course, because first one and then another of my wife's friends came on to me and I fucked them. And I suspected my wife was cheating on me with somebody, but I had no idea it was an organized game. When my wife finally told me all about it, she thought it was hilarious.


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  • So its ok to cheat as long as you get yours ?

  • Before the quarantine my wife and her friends went out for a girls night twice a month. When it’s over I’m going to suggest this idea to her, would be hot. I know some of the other guys would like to fuck my wife and I would love to fuck theirs!

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