Brotherly love

Were probably a limited few who are loving this lockdown. Well I am anyway.
I'm a nineteen year old bisexual guy, with a twenty two year old step brother (Same mum). Someone who had recently split up with his girlfriend and is back with mum and me.
The reason they split up, is she found him on their back garden decking receiving a blow job from a gay neighbour of theirs.
My brother has a massive sex drive to go with his huge cock, so now in lockdown it's my mouth and arsehole he's fucking at least twice a day.
I'm loving the sex and what's more, is mum works at our local supermarket and is working extra shifts.
If I've not got all eight plus inches of his cock in my mouth, then that's only because he's thrusting into my arse, usually until I cum spurting my juice everywhere.
Mum knows we're fucking, but as she said to us both the other night "You need to vent steam and exercise somehow".
A more than happy lockdownee...

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  • If you are fun then good for you!!!

  • *having

  • Fuck the incest promotion propagandists!

  • Whats so bad about sibling incest?

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