My first DP

This happened last year and I never thought to write about it until the lockdown. My husband and I are bored, so we’ve been remembering times we lived out our fantasies.

We had often talked about a threesome, I wanted to feel a woman eating my pussy, but perhaps more, try eating pussy myself. We also talked about a threesome with another guy but I wasn’t sure I could handle It. I’d only had sex with one guy other than my husband. For a long time we just talked about until a girlfriend told me how after an argument with her boyfriend he left and she ended up going home with a married couple for sex. That got us motivated to do something.

Eddy, my husband, arranged for us to meet up with an Escort at her apartment one Saturday afternoon. We had coke before we got there, I needed Dutch courage.

Michelle was attractive, early thirties and instantly made me feel relaxed. We had a drink and discussed what we wanted to do, then went into the bedroom. Michelle took off he dress and was wearing suspenders, a g string and a bra. I’m 23, fit and felt I was in better shape than her, which was good. I didn’t want to think Eddy was enjoying her more than me. I too was wearing suspenders and took off my dress. Then the two of us stripped Eddy and took turns sucking his cock.

Michelle had Eddy lie on the bed so I could suck his cock while she licked my pussy. I was really enjoying this. The I ate her pussy while she sucked Eddy. I REALLY enjoyed eating pussy!

When Eddy fucked me from behind while Michelle licked my pussy I had one of the best orgasms ever.

After about an hour we had a break and a drink and were talking about our other fantasies. Michelle asked if we had ever had a threesome with another man. I said the idea was appealing but wasn’t sure I could handle it. I was horny as he so when she told us her boyfriend was next door and could join us I said “let’s do it”. You should have seen the look on Eddy’s face. He had always wanted to watch me being DP’d.

While Michelle went to get Greg we had some more coke and Eddy asked if I was up for letting him watch Greg fuck my arse. We occasionally have anal, but only when I’m really horny so I wasn’t sure. I said I was keen to get spit roasted and might fuck Greg reverse cowgirl so he could watch but not to get his hopes up.

Eddy has a body a bit like a triathlete, muscular but not bulky, and the other guy I had sex with was a skinny 17 year old. So when Greg walked in and I saw that he was built like a body builder I was both nervous and excited at the same time.

I was completely naked, he was in shorts and a t shirt. Michelle introduces us and I instantly walked towards Greg, pulled down his shorts and started sucking his cock. Michelle was sucking Eddy.

Then I lay down on the bed and asked Greg to fuck me missionary. I wanted to see and feel this hunk of a man fucking me. I was watching Greg’s cock pump my pussy, and loving it, when Eddy stuck his cock in my mouth. I wanted to get properly spit roasted so changed position where Greg was fucking me from behind while I sucked Eddy’s cock. Then I asked them to swap positions. I was on fire!

I then had Greg lie down and straddled his cock. Watching Michelle suck Eddy and the look on his face while he watched me ride Greg cock brought me to another orgasm, but I wasn’t finished.

I looked deep into Eddy’s eyes then slipped Greg’s cock out of my pussy and slowly put it up my arse. Soon I was pumping his cock, my fingers spreading my pussy and rubbing my clit while I kept staring at Eddy with a big smile on my face. It looked like Eddy was about to cum so I said, save it for me “I want your cock in my cunt, while I get fucked in the arse”.

It hurt a bit at first, I was being stretched to the limit, but I was so wet and horny it soon started to feel good. Eddy pumping my pussy with Greg up my butt and me screaming “fuck me guys, fuck me like a slut”. This was not like me, I’m normally fairly quiet during sex, but I was in another world.

Soon I could sense Eddy was about to cum. I said “cum in my pussy then I want Greg to cum in my arse”.

They both did, and even more unlike me, I then asked Eddy to grab his phone and film the cum dripping out of both my holes. I lay back with my knees near my shoulders cum dripping out of my arse and pussy, Eddy filming, and an audience of two.

Wish we’d filmed the entire event. Maybe next time.



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  • I wouldn't want to do anything with the guy but we could certainly put the wife on the spit roast. Personally, I think she'd love the attention. We tried me putting her toy in her while she gave me a bj and she thought it was incredibly hot. I bet it wouldn't take much to talk her into an MFM.

  • I trained my wife to like it by using toys on her while I was in her butt. It’s the only way she’d orgasm. Eventually I proposed a threesome and she was into it.

  • That's awesome! I think taking the wife on a vacation and playing games in bars like watching her flirt with guys there would get her turned onto the idea. The vacation would be so that she's away from home and judgment.

  • What a very horny experience that was for you

  • Wow. I wish my wife would do that!!!

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