Getting turned on by my stepdaughter

I've never been sexually attracted to my stepdaughter. She was a pre-teen when I married her mom and I always just saw her as a kid. Even as she got older and started to develop, still nothing. Still just a kid.

She's 21 now, and again, I still wasn't looking at her sexually until about a month into this lockdown. She's always slept in tank tops and short shorts, real skimpy stuff, but seeing her walk around in the mornings never did anything for me. For some reason, though, lately I'm starting to notice her, especially in her skimpy morning attire, and my body is starting to respond to what I see.

It doesn't help that she's incredibly sexy. Nice full round perky tits, a sweet juicy ass, legs that go on forever, and curves that don't quit. It's getting harder to hide the fact that I'm looking, but I try.

Still, though I may have started noticing, I would never actually try anything. Sure, she's starred in a couple of recent masturbation fantasies, but that's it. Honestly, that's a pretty big leap as it is, compared to how things were pre-lockdown, and I still wouldn't try anything in real life. I feel weird enough as it is just thinking about her when I jerk off.

Besides, I'm a middle aged man. I'm not terrible looking, but certainly nothing a young woman would be interested in. Plus, I'm sure she only sees me as a parental figure.

The other day, though, something weird happened. I went into her room to talk to her about something. She was in bed with the covers pulled most of the way up. While we were talking, she casually pulled the covers off, exposing that hot body of hers. She was wearing a tank top and lacy boy-shorts panties and nothing else. I got a really good look at her legs and the side of her ass. She wasn't wearing a bra, and I could see the shape of her nipples through the thin fabric of the tank top, which clung pretty tightly to her perfect tits.

It was SO hot, and it suddenly got really difficult to follow the conversation, not to mention keeping things calm in my pants. I forced myself to look her in the eyes and fully engaged with the conversation which helped to keep myself from getting too noticeably hard (I hope).

She hasn't done anything else like that before or since, so I'm telling myself it was a coincidence and that she didn't do it on purpose, but damn.

It certainly added a little something to my fantasies.


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  • Another update: She's barely even trying anymore. She walked out of her room in a loose sweatshirt, panties, and nothing else. I couldn't see anything up top, but I had an amazing view of her ass. I just stood there watching her in the kitchen feeling my cock get harder and harder, then I went and jerked off thinking of fucking her from behind. I came instantly.

  • Caught my step daughter (25) having sex in the house with nanny cams, even a threesome. I learned any alcohol and she’s a wild card. She came home with her friends drunk one night, couldn’t make it to the room and just passed out on the couch. Her legs were wide open, skirt was all the way up showing her panties. I tried to wake her up, but no response, just her snoring. I felt her legs, and worked my way up to the sweet spot, still nothing, I went further and fingered her still nothing, and I licked my fingers clean. I played with her breast, slapped my cock on her lips and jerked off onto her face. I wiped some off and place it on her pussy, then went to bed

  • Update: She came out of her room this morning in another tank-top/lacy shorts outfit. The shorts are loose and come down to just shy of the bottom of her ass, so I get a hint of curve even when she's standing up.

    Well, she goes over to the TV cabinet to grab a DVD and bends over right in front of me. I got a full view of that glorious round ass and a glimpse of her shaved pussy.

    I can't take it anymore. I want to lick her sweet young clit until she cums, then I want her to ride my cock and call me Daddy until I unload inside her.

  • Tell her that's how it makes you feel! She'll either laugh it off or invite you in! ;-)

  • Or freak the hell out and tell her mother.

    I'll just quietly enjoy the show and think of her when I jerk off.

  • ...I think we'd all love to fuck our step-daughters! I know I'd sure love to see my cum seeping out of mine's tight 19 year old pussy! ;-) If only lol! ;-)

  • Yup. Go fill her up.

  • You think she did that on purpose?

  • My stepdaughter used to run around the house naked. My wife would always holler at her to put clothes on, but she just kept doing it. I know she did it just to fuck with me.

  • God, that would wreck me.

  • Ask her to blow you and cum all over her face and hair

  • I'd rather cum all over her perky round tits. Or down her throat.

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