When we first got married we rented a flat above a corner shop ,The shop owner was are landlord a guy in his 60s quite chubby bald and a bit odd . Well we could get into the shop from are flat , On one occasion we had run out of milk and bread so my wife popped downstairs to get some , She said i will pay Frank who was are landlord for it in the morning when the shop opens . To cut a long story short my wife forgot and did not mention it to me . Anyway I came home one night and my wife was upset , I asked why then she told me frank had accused her of stealing . That's when I found out she did not pay for the milk and bread , I said I will have a word with Frank , Then my wife said Frank has got cameras in his shop , I said it's only milk and bread , That's when she dropped a bombshell , She said I have taken things before sweets drinks the list went on . Then she said to me frank said that he was reporting it to the police and he will kick us out of the flat . At this stage I could not believe it , Then my wife said Frank said if I help him do his books for free he will drop it providing I never steal again . I said you will have to do it perhaps this will be a lesson to you we are really lucky . Eventually we moved out of the flat and some distance away , My wife insisted that we don't give Frank no forwarding address , My wife said we will get a friend of ares to pick anything up . A couple years had past when I got a phone call from a mate of mine who was the area , So we went out for a drink and a catch up , He told me something that knocked me for six , He had got hold of a tape with my wife on it , I asked him where he got it from , Then he told me that he was working on franks flat when he came across a box of tapes on this tape was my wife's name . He said there could be more he doesn't know , So when I got home I watched it , It was my wife on the tape with franks voice talking to her , It was only a short tape but I was in shock from what i was seeing , My wife was standing in front of the camera and Frank was telling her what to do . Basically he told my wife to strip She did this then Frank to!d my wife to turn around then bend over , All my wife had on was her heels , Frank then told my wife to part her legs then the film ended , So I don't know what happened or if there's more tapes

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  • This is someone who clearly did not pass 1st grade writing.

  • So what? I want to hear his story as much as anyone else's.

  • Thankyou

  • My landlord is a tall, fat and fat fingers arab man. He smells good though I must admit. He comes around once a week for a fuck. It started when I asked him to fix the pipes which are leaky. He came by with a plumber. The plumber was checking it out and he was chatting with me. I could see that he was looking at my ass and boobs. It made me wet for some reason. I offered him a coffee and when I served it to him the bulge in his pants was so big I knew I had to have some.

    The plumber went out the fetch a part or something and I turned up the flirt. He asked me strange things like why do I work so far from my family and do I have a boyfriend. I answered and said my parents were too controlling and my boyfriend back home was too honest and sweet I needed some adventure and a man not a boy. He stood up to bring the cup to the counter and adjusted his pants.

    He asked if I met a man yet and I said I did the first year but his wife found out that he was fucking a 27 year old and he ended it.

    He was turned on I could see. Anyway they finished the pipes and left. I got a whatsapp later that evening saying if I was ever lonely he had a nephew my age who could take me out. I straight up asked him if he had a brother or friend more his age. He said no but if I didn't mind him visiting he could come around with some wine and take out.

    I agreed and the next day he came buy. I was waxed and ready knowing I was going to get it hard. He seemed shy though but after the second glass of wine I poured and handed to him he relaxed and the topic went to my liking of older men. I told him all the reason why besides the sex. He was just lapping up every word. He asked about sex I said mind blowing. He said he thought sex with me would be... I smiled poured him another glass and this time served him the wine and sat my fat booty next to him on the couch. I put the wine on the table and said sex with me is amazing.

  • Continue:
    He looked a bit shy so I took his middle finger and sucked it. He closed his eyes and moaned. I took the same finger and guided it to my left nipple he moaned the over my fat pussy. I went down separated his legs and gave him a rub through the pants. He said he would come in minutes and I said I didn't mind.

    He got up and stripped. I took off my top and sweat pants. Keeled back down rubbed my lips over his underwear and he almost lost it. I pulled them down and asked if he would come with me to my bed.

    He did. I dragged my tongue from his asshole to his balls and then cock. I dipped my finger in my pussy and rubbed it on his cock and again dipped in and rubbed on his asshole.

    I gave him a good blow job that he came so soon. He couldn't get it up so I stripped and told him to finger me. He was ready in about 15 mins and put his 8 inch cock in me and fucked me no condom. I loved the grunting of the day old man fucking me hard and even better when he stopped withdrew and licked my clit with two fat fingers fucking me. I came on his face.

    He fucked me again and I kept breaking the kiss telling him how I love my pussy smell on his face and could he please com hard and fuck me good. He blew in 6 to 8 mins. I see him regularly... His a widow so has time and he can sleep over and out that hard cock in me first thing in the morning.

  • I used to manage an apartment house full of college kids. Nearly every women there gave me a fuck for rent at least once. I even got a blowjob from a few of the guys!

  • I like that you even got head from a few guys, go you horny bastard!

  • It's OUR not ARE. Are is a form of the verb 'is'. Our shows possession.

  • I cannot believe that back in college I let the building manager have sex with me a few times for rent, I was desperate for sure and out of money a few times. I made him shower one time because his odor was just bad, Thank god I was smart enough to make him put a condom on for sex.

  • You liked it.

  • Yeah, that makes all the difference between being a whore and being a dirty whore.

  • She enjoyed it and diddles her self thinking about it

  • Wake up you goose she is just a little slut, all this crap about stealing is just that, made up to have you believe she had to do it.
    She will start again with another guy.

  • Do you really believe she wanted to do it with him , He his far from attractive infact he his quite repulsive , and quite unpleasant .

  • Sounds exactly what she likes, dirty, filthy smelly old man.

  • Another fake rent for sex story. Be more creative next time.

  • I would guess your wife did not spend any time doing his "books", and it was a sexual arrangement from the start.

  • I hope not , i don't know

  • What? Why the hell would anyone want someone they caught stealing to do their BOOKS?

    But suck dick, yes.

  • I used to give my landlord a great time for half off my rent every month, he was strange and liked being humiliated and told what to do. I would tell him to lay on the bed and then I would rub myself all over his face sometimes smothering him a little bit, he loved all of it. I would grab his dick while sitting on his face and stroke it dry, squeeze his balls and slap them, he would call me ma'am the whole time and was totally subordinate. He was a weird guy for sure.

  • Unfortunately you could be right , its been a couple of months know I have not mentioned the tape or shown the tape to my wife . The reason for this his I don't want my wife to be able to talk her way out of this , I know what it shows in the tape , but she could say it was a one off and nothing happened after the tape ran out . I don't want to loose my wife im gutted , but my friend has to go back to Frank's flat this week and I've asked him to get any tapes with my wife on it if he can . He said he would because Frank can't report stuff like that going missing . The worse part of this his my mate said he can't wait to see my wife in a porn film again and he wants to see what she gets up to , He said Frank was a lucky guy . So I'm know waiting for the tapes if there his any

  • You know your friend is enjoying seeing your wife strip and probably fuck and suck the landlords cock. He will be looking for a way to get her lips around his cock too.

  • I have no other way of getting the tapes , I feel like I'm dealing with the devil, I don't want him nowhere near my wife .

  • Your wife was paying the landlord back for all the stuff she stole with her pussy. I.m sure he got his moneys worth fucking her hard and dumping his load into her any time he wanted.

  • Sorry your reply his above

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