I built a glory hole

I am really enjoying myself these days even with everything going on. I built a glory hole and have had no problems at all getting guys to come over and let me pleasure them. I have somewhat of a slim body and wear makeup and a wig just in case they try to look thru the hole. I do keep it fairly dim on my side but I have seen a few of them looking before they leap.
I knew I would enjoy doing this but did not realize how much until the first few had showed up and left.

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  • Do you have a neon Glory Hole sign ? Do you fem up as a prerequisite to blowing cock ? Please, regale us with more half-baked bullshit.

  • Nope, no neon signs. Just an ad on Doublelist and some messaging.

  • Describe the biggest cock you’ve sucked

  • Probably six inches, maybe seven, average size for the most part.

  • That’s not a good description be more specific

  • Tell me where it is, and I’ll get away from mother and cum visit.
    Mike P.

  • You're a dude, correct?

  • Correct

  • You have to tell me more. How did you build it?? Where did you build it?? How do guys know to come to you?? Do you advertise??

  • I have a side entrance on my garage and I just built an entryway six feet deep with another door that I can swap out easily with a custom door only 3/4" thick. I post an ad on doublelist and sometimes I get zero response and other times I get five.
    I have extra large non lubed condoms and after some foreplay to get them hard I slide one of those on then and suck until they orgasm. I pull off the condom and rinse them off and if they want more I play some more giving them the same thing. Some guys have stayed there for two orgasms, some have also come back multiple times a day.

  • How do you get visitors? Have you placed an ad pretending to be a woman?

    Do you swallow?

  • I post both ways and depending on which email I get a response to I may or may not have to get into costume.

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