Wife wants to visit Glory Hole

We are too active in sex and have tried various positions and role play. From
the Refrigerator Packing Cover we made a makeshift Glory hole and myself with wife takes turn to enjoy the effects of a glory hole fuck and suck. Now my
wife says she wants to visit a Glory hole just to experience its original
excitement and thrill for a change.

3 months ago

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    • She wants to try different sizes.

    • Allow her to enjoy and see what you get in return. She will love you more and will give you more pleasure. Once her inhibitions are gone and free from guilt it will be you who will enjoy. Let her as a free bird to do anything outside.

    • Good for her. She should be able to see what it's like sucking and fucking other guys. The more experienced she gets the more you benefit from her experience. Enjoy it.my wife started off slowly with just one guy she was fucking for about 2 years. I knew about it and was okay with it. Then she started seeing lot of different guys. One guy took her to a swingers club. She ended up joining the club and she goes there at least once a week sometimes twice a week. Now she's the most sexuality free woman that I know. Neither of us has any sexuality hang ups. There's no jealousy. And it takes the stress off of me to keep her Satisfied all the time. So let her have her fun.

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