I want to be a sissy and I'm 15 boy

I need help, if I should continue or stop , if continue tell me how and I like everything that is sissy related and pls no BS and answer straight to the point

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  • Sorry kido no chance try again later

  • Darling unless your parents agree your not going to be in any position at all to be a Sissy as much as you may want to, sorry but you are going to have to wait till you have finished school, got a job and living away from home, as hard as it may sound that darling is the reality

  • I don't understand I need visuals but thx for the help I appreciate it

  • Hey Darling, are you going to start practising ANKENING ?

  • Being a Sissy means you should masturbate like a Sissy the technique is called ANKENING done by both boys and girls, lay on your left side with left leg slightly bent naked and push your prick and balls as high as you can between your thighs and as close to your arse as possible that should mean your nuts plus a fair amount of your prick is hanging out the back then move your bent right leg up and down squeezing feels like you are fucking it may take some practice but keep it up.

  • What is ankening?

  • Darling clearly the best way is to discuss your feminine thoughts and wishes with your mother, tell her you feel a need to wear sexy panties all the time and if your father and her do not mind while at home a matching bra and some girl clothes also you would like her to do your lips and some make up occasionally plus wear a nightie with pink pull up nappies to bed.
    I am certain she will understand and ensure your father also supports you without ridicule.
    Just move things along slowly and patiently keeping everything within the family, when time comes to change your sheets, pillows, doona's etc. tell mum you would prefer pink and girl colours in your room.
    Please let us know how you go darling and I will give you some more sensible tips you sound like a very nice boy, please trust your Mum she will understand and support you.
    I have years of experience as my husband and son are both solid femme cross dresser's but are certainly straight. xxx

  • Sadly that can't happen cuz the parents are so religious and that's out of the question but thank for the help I appreciate it :)

  • Well how about discussing it with your priest I am certain he will want to help you and talk to your parents to bring them around, there is more than one way to skin a cat darling.

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