I'm 22 and I take showers with my mom and I really LOVE it

1.2 years ago

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    • I caught my husband with his cock up his son in the shower

    • My second husband showers with his daughter I didn't think anything about it
      untill i caught him fucking her and had been since she was 17

    • My daughter and I have been showering together fucking since she was 13. My wife discovered us when KC was 15. But didn't can and said have fun.

      Turns out my wife was having sex with her father from 8 until she was 29. He died of cancer.

      KC is 27 now and we are expecting our 1st child.

    • Ya right. The male stupid fantasy always ends in a pregnancy.

    • Mom has always showered with me and my sister. It our thing. Mom's 48, I'm 22 and sis is 20.

      We have a huge walk in shower and we always do it together. At night it become an oral sex orgy. As far back as I can remember mom would suck my dick and I would eat her. And I clearly remember she she was really young sis and mom having oral.

      I never got mom pregnant, but sis is 4 months now. I love the fucking her even more now that she pregnant. Incestuous love is the best.

    • Sa proovi teda nikkuda.

    • I took them with my hot older sister all the time. Even this past year, we stayed in a hotel after moving a friend's kid across state, and wanted to save time before going to dinner. She told me "Just come in with me..We're used to each other's bodies..I like yours and you like mine". I did her back and held her long, soaked hair while she washed the back of her neck, and she ran her nails down mine while I rinsed my hair. We have fun with it and it's no big deal. Took our time going to dinner to meet the others to make it seem like we took separate showers. Only we knew we didn't, and wouldn't the next night, either.

    • Do you do anything else in the shower together?

    • That's great. If you both enjoy what ever you doing then good for you. Life is too short.

    • What?

    • Pretty sure they have an incest relationship with their mom

    • And there's nothing wrong with that

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