We got married I was 19 my partner was 16 we've been married now 22 years , I still fancy my wife something chronic I'm not possessive jealous maybe but I would not want anyone else to touch her . She always looks smart and makes a big effort on her appearance which I like , She as fantastic legs always wears high heels and short skirts which compliments her legs . She is very attractive also as nice 36 inch tits which I can say she does not have to wear a bra if she didn't want to they stand there perfectly . Down below she is bald she can't grow pubic hair so you get the picture of what my wife is like now I've described her and why I'm still crazy about her . My problem is over the last few months I've just started taking notice of other guys looking at her , This for some reason turns me on thou my wife dresses quite sexy she is No slapper she is a decent lady quite nieve I suppose . I found myself doing things I regret after but at the time enjoyed it , One time we was in a club drinking and dancing my wife was a bit worse for wear a bit out of it really , When this old guy asked if he could dance with my lovely wife I felt sorry for him so said yes why not . After a few minutes he was groping her ass and trying to kiss her I was enjoying what i was witnessing when the lights came on and that was the end of the evening . I wanted more when we got outside the fresh air hit my wife she was out of it I noticed the old boy there he asked me if I wanted a hand . I thought why not thou I was ok , But him holding her I liked it when we reached are home i thanked him and said do you fancy a night cap . He jumped at it when we got indoors we sat my wife on the sofa she was showing a lot of leg , He remarked on her sexy legs not only did i not pull her skirt back down I did the opposite I knelt down infront of her and pushed it up exposing more leg . I said what do you think of those legs he was staring at my wife then said they are hot , I said I don't know why I'm doing this I just wanted you to look at her nothing else sorry . Then he said I'm enjoying looking at your wife and if you want to show me her we can both enjoy it I won't touch her , That was it I pushed her skirt up to her thong he said she was beautiful then I undone a couple of buttons on her tops He was staring at me he said did you want to undo more so I did down to her waste I noticed him rubbing himself , I said if you want to relieve your self you can but not by my wife he didn't need asking twice . Things changed at this point he said why don't you get her tits out we can both enjoy them I wasn't sure if I wanted to go that far , Again he said go on get her tits out do it go on do it i pulled her top down then her bra straps he said show me , I pulled her bra down exposing her tits he said they are beautiful I bet you like exposing her don't you don't you I said yes . He then said why don't you really enjoy yourself you know what you want me to see show me , At this point i wasn't my self i knelt down and pulled her thong off I handed it to him and he put it to his nose . He was close to coming when he blurted out open her legs so I can see her he said your enjoying this aren't you, I said yes he said it's only right if you finish me off then walked up to me I did as he said he then said where do you want it on you or your wife , I said my wife he took over from me then said where do you want it tell me . I said on her legs he did this there was loads then he left gave me his number then said Thank you will do it again I said ok , Then he smiled and said if you don't ring me I'll call in then walked off .

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  • That was hot as

  • Lucky dude.

  • Thank you , It got a lot more risky and horny for me

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