COVID-19 Locked Down!

Ok so we've been told that we're in locked down and just so happens that the misses and I are visiting her parents and can't return home just yet.

To be honest we're not ready to leave JUST yet even though we can cause we live in the same state just a few hours by plane and a 24 hour casual drive away.

The reason not yet ia because my wife's younget sister is happy for us to stay with her during the ordeal. And no we do not have the virus! The bonus is that the SIL and we are in locked down so we share food and drinks for the last week, and boy we haven't stopped drinking and fucking since.

Yep that's right, the misses can't hold her alcohol and gets smashed very quickly and is the first to get knocked out. That leaves me and the SIL. So we keep drinking and one thing leads to another and before we know it, she's sucking my cock while looking up at me and rubbing her clit. I get her onto her back and start licking that pussy and stop just before she cums!

Then I ram my cock deep into her pussy after a few seconds she explodes with cum. I keep fucking her loose pussy now and start to massage her ass with het hot pussy juice. I can tell she's ready cause she showed no resistance and slowly but deeply push my cock up her tight ass. I can't hold on too long and cum deep in her ass while watching her size D boobs shove back and forth. I then move the wife to the bedroom and fuck her early in the morning before we get up.

The last week has been like this for me and hence we're not ready to return home yet, plus we've locked all the doors and windows and have the armed the alarm system so we good not being home.

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  • My very attractive mother and I are in lock down together. My mom has COPD so she won't even go outside now, which is making her extra anxious. Last night she was just teasing the hell out of me. Finally I couldn't take it any more and I flat out asked, "Do you want me to fuck you or something?" To my surprise she answered with a smile, then a "Yes." I took her to my bedroom and pulled off all the covers on my bed, leaving just the sheet over the mattress.

  • So your response was to help with the laundry?

  • If I die, I’m dying my favourite way, a naked Girl avalanche.

  • I'm in lockdown with my family of 5 plus my teenage daughters best friend who was here when lockdown began.Her parents asked if she could stay so we said yes,probably because they won't have to worry about spending money on feeding her.
    Anyway the girls,who are both 17,keep to themselves.But one night over a week ago I heard giggling and a bit more.I went to check and was able to spy.I was a bit shocked at what I saw.My daughter was being eaten out by her friend.She also had a small vibrator that I could see she was using on herself and then sliding into my daughters pussy which made her moan gently.I had never suspected this about my daughter and put it down to boredom and experimenting.I'm pretty sure she was interested in boys but this was still the safest sex ever.
    I left them after watching for quite some time and have to admit my cock was rock hard.A few days later I bumped into her friend in the bathroom who just getting some dry underwear off the radiator.

  • I smiled at her and although I always thought she was cute and hot what I knew now made her just that little bit more sexy.
    She smiled back and went back to the bedroom.I let things simmer a little but later that same day when I saw her on her own again I asked "so you and Emma?"I had a huge smile on my face which I couldn't help.She looked back at me confused but the more I looked at her I saw her blushing embarrassment growing.She looked kinda like she was gonna cry as she was getting more and more nervous but I put one hand on her shoulder and said "hey its really cool it's not my business you 2 are old enough."She asked "really?"I said "yes of course" She said "that's a big relief". My cock was getting hard slowly because I knew where I was going with this.My wife hadn't put out much and I was horny as fuck. I said to her "of course I may have to tell your parents ". She began to freak again. "No please dont". I said "we can come to some sort of arrangement". "Anything" she said.
    I said meet me downstairs tonight when Emma is asleep. So about 1am when everyone else was asleep I went downstairs. I waited half an hour and she joined me. I think she knew what she had to do as she was in skimpy pj's.

  • Ok so no story about 'what happened downstairs'.

  • Hi. Those comments aren't mine. Don't know why idiots do that.
    Oh she wasn't a virgin and I can assure you she didn't get it slowly. It was like fucking a virgin because I was the biggest thing that ever been inside her little pussy.
    But after helping her out of her skimpy pj vest top and little shorts I lay her on the couch and looked at her perfect little body.Her tits were like these firm round little peaches that stood perfectly still.I grabbed them and squeezed gently then leant over her and sucked them both.I got in a weeks worth of titty sucking and all the while slowly running my hand down her flat tummy all the way to her bald little twat.That thing was firm as rubber but as I rubbed my middle finger over her tight little slit it soon became soft and began easing open.

  • Well I took her cherry. Did it slow and easy

  • Did you like your own comment because it's boring as hell and lacks any imagination.

  • Do you like your whore mom?

  • No yours.

  • What a fond memory she will have of losing her virginity.

  • I'm locked down with four of my mates and let me tell you it's so fuckin much fun. Can you imagine five big brawny hairy footballers together under one roof. Oh yes we are having a smashing good time. I say we even get naked and bathe together. I get so horny seeing so many naked bums and sexy hairy chest at one time. I so want to blow them and be covered in my mates cum. I think I could take all their cocks in my butthole until they each explode inside me. They don't know that I'm gay. I hope this doesn't last too much longer cause I will be needing sex and fast.

  • You talk about being naked and bathing around each other. I will never forget the hockey locker room showers. It was impossible to hide my excitement around those other naked guys.

  • The curling team are the worst,those guys are utter nutballs .

  • Maybe you should offer to lend them a hand, they must be horny as fuck, too.

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