Lucky grandson

I've not long turned 50 and for the last 5 months my 16yo old grandson pops in to keep me company,2 months ago when he came round told him i was feeling old he said you don't look it you look hot, within half hour i had his boxers around his ankles and his cock in my mouth,now every monday evening is are time untill his mom picks him up,the last time he came he was face fucking me and his mom was knocking on the door but he wouldn't stop untill he cum,when i finally opened the door she thought i been crying my makeup running down my face, can't wait for this virus to clear up then im going to fuck him senseless.

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  • I fucked my buddies mom who was 30 years older than us. I was 17 and she was 47. I went over to help her during a storm when a tree branch came through her window. My buddy was out of town staying with his dad. She called me and asked if I could help. After I finished boarding up the window, I was muddy and wet. I stripped my clothes off on the porch like she asked, only she didn't expect me to remove my boxers too. She had gone to get some towels and when she came back, I was standing there totally naked. She was shocked and just kept looking at my dick. I fucked her bent over the washer.

  • We used to swim nude in my buddy's back yard pool. His mom had a way of not looking at us, reading a book on the patio but still the adult present. When I was 15 his mom's friend was over and boy did she look. She then came over a lot. Nothing ever came of it then but when I was 19 she hit on me at the supermarket I worked at. Her uncle had a hunting cabin we fucked at all summer. We did the following summer too. She wrote me a school, told me husband knew she was fucking somebody -- gave her a pass but would divorce her if she continued "he's no fun" - she was 45, a little chubby, big tits, plump ass, and cute.

  • My husband died when he was 55 and for several years i became quite a recluse apart from a gardener and son who came round every month or just the son if there was not much to do.They had been coming round for years and the son became the son i never had till he was around 17 and i just felt him taking a lot more interest if my skirt rode up while getting out my car or sitting down, but i just laughed it of at first as id just be making a fool of myself if i said anything and spoil everything.I missed sex and he was not hiding his interest anymore so when the chance came i laid back wrapping my legs up his back and came very easy which boosted his efforts to please me big time.We were good for each other and no one ever found out.and a year later i met my current partner in my own age group and my young lovers engaged. Most of all we remain friends even when the sex had to stop.

  • That's lovely, nothing wrong with that

  • I really fuck my bestie. She had a sleepover with just me and her so we layed in her bed naked and she sucked my pissy and I sucked hers we both cummed and ended up enjoying it VERY MUCH now every week we have it. She humps me lol

  • Cant beat fucking the hell out if a hot busty granny

  • My hot older sister was always beautiful, sexy, fit, and confident. People told her she looked 30 or 32, which was correct. For some reason, hitting 50 got her and she was a bit down, saying things like oh her body will never be what it was again, her looks are done..Very unlike her. She went off on that with me one day at her house, and I started rubbing her shoulders and upper arms, then taking her long-nailed hands in mine and telling her none of that was true, she was still the hottest and most beautiful woman I and most guys had ever seen, and, while squeezing her waist, that she still had it.

    She turned to face me and thanked me with an extended lip kiss, saying how I've always been the one to make her feel better and tell her she's beautiful and sexy. We ended up upstairs, with me showing her how much.

  • That's great!

  • My wife is 55 and not real hot anymore, but she loves to fuck. She fucks our 14 year old grandson every time our daughter let's her kids come over. His younger sister is our favorite, though. She eats her grandma's pussy while I fuck her pussy or ass. Our daughter joins in whenever her husband isn't around. We are one big happy fucking family. God I love being a grandpa.

  • I know what you mean man. My granddaughter is 15 but very developed for her age. She's thin so her big tits look even bigger, and an ass anyone would love to grab. Grandma gets the groceries and it's a fair drive from where we live. We know we have about 2 hours from when she leaves, and when she gets back. We wait a little while to make sure grandma didn't forget something, my granddaughter and I have our clothes off and we're in her bed. I love kneading her big firm boobs as

  • I may not be as young as your grandson but women over 50 are so hot, especially if they take care of themselves... I bet you're a great lay and that you ride that young cock till you're raw

  • No risk of pregnancy either

  • Lol yea

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