Risky embroidery

My secret lockdown project has been embroidering a pair of panties with "ask me for a blowjob" across the butt.

So far I've worn them out under a knee length skirt a few times.
I've only once had the guts to wear them under a really short skirt. The scariest bit was walking up a flight of stairs by the supermarket, there was an older guy behind me but he didn't say anything. I wonder if I would have gone through with it if he asked me?

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  • You'r a guy a male or born with a dick!
    But you are not a female a lady or born with a vagina. Dude

  • You know you can buy them with that on them right dude.

  • I would ask

  • Ur so hot

  • You are so hard up you don't know that real women don't come here let alone post here!

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