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Hi I’m a 16 year old guy that lives with his mother but I have a big cross dressing fetish’ and I so want my mum to know but my biggest thrill would be for her to catch me in her dress , stockings heels panties anyone else done the same I want to know if it would be a good idea ?

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  • I told my mom when i was 14 and she was like “its about time” confused i asked what she meant exactly and shes like “first of all mom knows everything you should know by know silly and second, you dont think i notice my clothes missing or moved around, my panties bras dresses etc. hiddin beside your bed or in your closet? Ive been waiting for you to come out with it you know i love you no matter what your my son and you can be whatever and whoever you want do whatever makes you happy no matter what ill always support you. Just be yourself around me and dont worry know you can be comfortable around me and dont feel like you have to hide it” i wasnt expecting that response but it was the best one i couldve got i. Think.. i asked her if she was sure and of course she said she was positive and would do anything she could to help me kr make me feel like i can be myself around her so then i asked “would it be okay if i wore this stuff around her and around the house when it was just me and her home with no company (shes been single most my life its just me and her living there) and maybe she acts like im a girl when doing so sometimes..” (i was still nervous) she replied “of course hun if you want it to be just between us then thats how itll be just us girls😉 now go change i know you want to, i know you know where my closet Is” so i did and thats how that went alot more happened after that but you get the jist.. now im 20 and my mom is still my best friend and its still just us we tell eachother absolutely everything and i know its not a “normal” or socially acceptable relationship to have with my mom but it is what it is and i wouldnt change it for the world idk what id do without her. So in conclusion lol my answer is YES i think you should tell her and see how it goes from there you never know.

  • God you now make the crossdressers look bad. Just fucking tell her.

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