Never got to turn over

So iused to go to massage parlors and there were a few girls that knew how to tickle a mans balls and asshole so I'll be on my belly and I'd ask for a light touch fingertip massage so it starts the girls rub my inner thighs and I'll start to lift my rear end to meet her strokes so she catches on and starts playing with my nuts and then starts to rub my asshole a little next thing I know I feel some baby oil being dripped into my asshole by this time I'm on all fours begging her to penetrate me then a second finger and with the other hand plays with my nuts and about 30 seconds latter I'm blasting a load all over the sheets. Now that was embarrassing

Apr 25

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    • Embarrassing gell, sounds fucking awesome! She could shower her whole arm in and use me like a fucking sock puppet if I ever got lucky enough to be in a massage parlor like this? He'll I'd let a man jerk me off in one but never been this lucky. Well not never, my cousins and her step daughter are masseuses and give back rubs at reunions, showing their talents. The step daughter likes to jerk off all us old men. Our wives think it's just a back massage in thr back room. Lol nope we all getting herded off. Lol

    • Damn that sounds nice. Lucky you!

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