How I met my wife

About a five years ago I found a homeless girl who had run away from home. She was 17 years old and I helped her out. Gave her food and a ride to the next town. When we got there I got a hotel (was traveling across the country). She didn't have anywhere to go so she stayed. She sucked my cock to repay me for my kindness. She told me she had to do that a lot in the time she'd been on her own. I asked her if she knew how to do more and she said yes. I tore her clothes off of her and fucked her harder than I've ever fucked anyone. The next morning I told her she was going to live with me. Since then my young pretty little wife has come a long way. She cooks and cleans for me while I'm at work. And at night she's my little sex slave. When people ask how we met we just tell them while we were on vacation. Nobody in our little town is any wiser to the fact that she was a dirty little runaway sucking on my cock for some food just a few years ago.

3 months ago

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    • Just don't ever throw her out cause you know what she will go back to doing.

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