BJ from fathers friend

I asked my father to ask his friend if I could borrow his Waverunner for the fourth of July holiday if he wasnt using it. A few days later my dad said go get waverunner , John was going away and wont be using it.
I went over and John asked if I wanted to go for a quick run on it so I am familiar with its workings , sure I said . So we towed it to a lake nearby , and went ripping around for an hour or so , then he said lets hit the shower there and get out of here. So,thinking not a thing of it , we went in ,got undressed out of our trunks and was in the shower and John says your pretty fit , nice package. I was taken back not sure what to say . So I looked and smiled .
He says man I remember when I was this tight and looked good naked.
I say ,yeah . We got dressed and went back to his house.
After we got there ,and were inside , he says mind if i ask you a favor with no strings attached ? I said sure, what ?
He says can I see you naked again. I was like I dont know , Im not sure about that. John says never mind , go enjoy the Waverunner.
When I took it back a week later ,John says he was thinking of me since last time we met.
He said you sure looked good. I said thanks . He then says come on,let me see you. So i said ok i guess , so I took off my shirt , dropped my shorts and stood there while he gazed . Then I pulled them up and John said not so fast,please, so I pulled them back down . He said take them off, stay a bit . So i pulled them off and stood there nude ,nervous as hell ,liking it or regretting it,not sure . He rubbed his hands across my chest ,down to my stomach and touched me. I was in a weird cloud,not sure what to make of the situation,
he stroked me hard and said,ok ? OK ? I said yes . He knelt down and blew me until I came , pulling my cock into him with his hands on my butt.
He says wow , and I got dressed,. He looked at me and only said " Our secret? " I said of course. And left .. Ill never forget it, Im sure he wont either .
This was just last summer 2019 , have only seen him once since that time, and it was as if nothing happened. Im comfortable with it now

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  • Your father's friend was probably waiting for you to contact him, but you never did. I think you enjoyed it and should get a hold of him for a repeat performance.


  • Yes, you both want more. Kissing and fucking too.


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