Up river without a paddle

I am 28 years old, a single mom to a 3 y/o boy. I dont get help from his father.

I recently met a guy through my friend while on vacation in AL. I live in IL he lives in AL. I met him in July and August when I went back for my friends wedding, we ended up messing around. This guy is going into the Navy at the end of the month, has told me prior to our fling that he didnt want kids and wanted to see the world. We've been talking until a week ago. I dont know why he wont respond to my txt/calls. Last thing he even said to me was that he was ready to get off work. So I dont know whats going on but since he wont reply, how do I go about telling him that I am pregnant? Ive been on birth control since July and I just took the test today. I dont know what to do. I have to keep my options open because I am the only income for my Son and I. I dont want to do anything drastic yet considering I dont know what he will say or do considering he doesnt know me very well. We did use a condom, but it broke and being that I was out of state on a weekend I had no access to retrieve a morning after pill. I also didnt think I had to worry much considering I was on the pill until today. I am at a loss of words and I feel like I am up river without a paddle. ADVICE PLEASE!

2 months ago


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    • Make a visit to a planned parenthood if it’s legal in your state. They can help guide you.

    • Learn to take a load in the face or swallow instead of finishing in the baby maker.

    • What's the problem?

    • No way he keeps you, it just won't happen....be ready to raise two on your own.

    • The 1st comment was rude as hell but it was so true. Before I go further I'll tell ride away to stop using excuses and do the right thing. I hear this condom break excuse 2 much now.
      Moving forward, you have to let him know and pray alot before u do because I can feel u dont want an abortion but I strongly believe that will be his choice. When a man tells u I dont want kids or anything serious, they just wanna lower ur expectations and make u no dat all they wont is ur little pussy.
      Now dat u are pregnant, just tell him dat u are and be ready 4 whatever. i hope dat he wanna have kids with u now even though i doubt it. Good luck 2 u and next time please dont open ur legs 2 no 1 unless they value u. A man should get ur pussy 4 valuing u and not valuing u for ur pussy.

    • Bull hockey! That pussy was made to use. Have the baby and raise them kids right. You’re still going to want to fuck and you will. That’s nature.


    • Well if all she was a Cocksucker she wouldn’t be in this predicament.😊

    • You need to tell him, give him a chance to make the right choice

    • I can't believe how some men blame the woman for this alone. He is just as much responsible for this child as you are. He does have the right to know whether you like it or not unfortunately. If he has any balls at all he will change his tune about raising a child.

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