What i over herd

I must tell what I over herd, I was going upstairs when I her my daughter trying to borrow money off her dad which is not unusual he is a soft touch, I will not lend her money she should learn to manage, I listened to them her pleading with him, but he would not give way I thought good, then I herd something that surprised me, she said you should lend me some I've been nice to you, we wont talk about that yes we will and lowered her voice and said I've sucked your cock twice this week so give, I crept back down stairs, what to do, she shouldn't be doing orals for her dad its morally wrong, if I challenge, it could cause eruptions sucking a cock wont get her pregnant, should I ignore, what could happen next could it lead to the ultimate taboo?

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  • If she is doing it for money why not they both are getting something out of it,
    I must say she should be doing it for nothing,

  • I agree, she should do it because she loves her dad.

  • Do you still have sex with your husband? Do you have a son?

  • Your daughter shouldn't be doing it for money. She should do it because she loved her dad. It's not morally wrong at all. Perhaps your husband should have a vasectomy.

  • I bet when your daughter and her dad get around to fucking, you'll be beating your meat listening to them. They'll have to be quiet, but you can still creep upstairs. When your daughter is cumming she'll be moaning, "Oh daddy, oh yes, oh god, oh god." You'll be spanking your monkey like there's no tomorrow.

  • Your daughter is using her sexuality to get what she wants. Her dad is clearly enjoying a daughter that is open minded and likes oral. For this experience to have any sort of positive outcome in her life, she must be shown how to wield the power that every woman has (even the fat ones), and that power is the Power of the Pussy. To control men; getting what you need by using what all men want to "abuse"... your pussy. In turn, you use your pussy to manipulate men throughout your life. In this life, if you are born a female you either learn to wield it or people WILL take advantage.

  • Is she at a legal age

  • Your daughter was trying to borrow money from her dad? I'm guessing you are the stepdad? Should you ignore what you heard? Hell no, you need to buy some condoms so you can fuck your stepdaughters pussy with no worries.

  • Perhaps you should read the post again more carefully

  • Perhaps if you'd learn to spell and write better, it would be easier to figure out.

  • I herd spel check is a wondrous thing. Meth addicts and hillbillies in Wv and Ky should not write stories.

  • LMAO

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