Barry the chipmunk

My name is Sarah. I had met Barry at the mall. We had hung out a few times but this time we decided to fool around. One thing lead to another and we both had all of our clothes off. I had recently picked up a strap-on dildo and wanted to use it. I put it on and demanded that Barry lay on my bed. I straddled him and slid the dildo into his mouth and rode his throat hard. It was funny to see the look of shock on his face when that dildo pushed deep. Buthis throat took it and he slurped on that dildo. I then flipped Barry onto his stomach, this is where something hilarious happened.

I slid the dildo into his butt and Barry responded with shock and embarrassment. Barry moaned immediately in discomfort. “Ohhh, oh god...oh that!! oh god!” I giggled at his discomfort and pushed the dildo in deeper. I noticed that Barry arched his lower back to pooch his ass into the air some more. I pushed into his ass deeper and began to pump my hips. Then it happened...the dildo hit a magical spot in Barry’s ass and he let out a high-pitched yelp that sounded like a chipmunk squeal. Barry’s eyes grew wide and he clasped his hand over his mouth. I pushed in again hitting that spot and Barry again squealed like a chipmunk. Again, he held his hand over his mouth and looked so embarrassed and confused. It was obvious that the squeal was involuntary and a response to the spot in his ass. I pushed forward to the spot again and Barry let out the squeal as his face blushed with embarrassment. I could not keep myself from laughing so hard.

I had to continue pushing to the spot and Barry continued to squeal each time. His face grew more and more red with utter embarrassment. I was laughing so hysterically and he was whimpering in complete embarrassment.

Barry: ugghhhh! this is not funny...SQUEAL!!....oh my god! This is so...SQUEAL!!....embarrassing! I...I cannot even...SQUEAL!!....believe this is happening....ugghhh!!...SQUEAL!! embarrassing!

After several minutes, it was very well established that Barry was helpless over responding with a SQUEAL to that spot in his ass. It was obvious that he felt completely embarrassed by our mutual discovery. It is a secret that I will use for my entertainment and to my advantage with him. It is also a secret that will keep Barry blushing for a long long time.

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  • I wish i was Barry


  • Dirty bastard

  • Good girl, ensure you peg him every time you meet.

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