Loving wife Finds Someone Else

There was a time in my marriage my wife and i loved being swingers. We were in our early 30s when we started but we were not about to jump into bed with just anybody. We would pick and chose the couples we wanted very carefully.
We were having the time of our lives we must have had a half a dozen couples in our first year.
We were both fit and my wife worked out at least twice a week, she was a knock out. When she asked a couple to swing they always said yes, who could refuse her. I wasn't so bad myself but i wasn't in the same league as she was.
This went on until one night the wife said she had found the perfect couple who she knew wanted to swing with us and had been swingers for some time. Like us they were in their 30s and and according to my wife were athletic and attractive.
Well the night had arrived and there they were at our front door.
I started making drinks and gave then a good looking over. She was 5 ft 7 inches and had an incredible figure a true figure eight , long legs that seem to beg to be parted and fucked. I had an instant hard on something she seems to have noticed right away. He was 6 ft and had a real athlete's body which my wife couldn't take her eyes off.
We got along very well and we seemed to have many things in common, jobs, goals the usual stuff. I noticed my wife sitting real close to him on the sofa , she was running her hand up and down his shoulders and waste. Clearly they were on their way to a great night. My partner and I also were having a good time as she was rubbing my cock through my pants.
Almost at once all 4 of us got up and went upstairs to our bedroom , we all stripped and stood there ogling one another. I couldn't believe the body on his wife she was unbelievable , her tits were perfect her legs were long and muscular, she had six pack abs and an ass to die for. I stood there with my 7 inch dick at attention. We embraced and fell on the bed. My wife kept ogling her lover who was a true athlete he was 6 ft tall , must have worked out all his life. He looked like one of those Ancient Greek statues of young men. To top it off his cock was about 8 inches long and at least twice as thick as mine.My wife grinned from ear to ear, the first thing she did was to grab his cock and start blowing him .they also fell on the bed.
They started 69 right away and I began to lick his wife's pussy , we were both so into each other I almost forgot they were in the same bed with us.
This went on for some time then i couldn't help my self so I jumped on top of his wife and began to fuck her , it was great but i could see I wouldn't last long , his wife had a strong pussy and had the ability to squeeze my throbbing cock at will and she milked me . I came gallons in her pussy. I could see she was grinning as she drained my cock , she was in complete control and she knew it.
I glanced over at my wife to see her husband's muscular body as he began to fuck her. Fuck isn't the word , make lover is a better term. He slowly shoved his massive cock into my wife's pussy. He began to work on her and she was loving it. She had her hand on his ass and the other behind his head. Her legs were wrapped around his legs as he continued to make love to her. They looked like they had done this many times before. I heard her moan then scream as she came. My partner and i got off the bed and watched from the sidelines. I think she cam 6 or 7 times but I lost count and I was surprised that she came so many times, she never did when we made love, once or twice was the best I could ever get out of her. My partner commented that they looked very good together as if they were meant to be.
I agreed with her and began to worry that maybe he was too good for her that maybe she would find something in him she would never find in me.I became worried that this guy was so good i would lose her forever. Their love making went on for about an hour when they decided to change positions, she got on top of him and began to fuck him like a wild woman I could see his thick cock as she pumped him like a steam engine. After a while he could hold out no longed and he cam in her pussy. I could see his cock throbbing as he shot his load into her. His wife was surprised that my wife was able to get him off that way. My partner said she could never get him off that way no matter how hard she tried. i could see there was something between my wife and her lover. They seemed to have a thing between them that clicked.
That was the end of the night , we all took showers and they left.
I told my wife that was the best time I ever had swinging She agreed but there was something more in what she said. She seemed lost , like she was somewhere else. i asked if she was ok and she told my that was the best sex she ever had, bar none.
Sometime later i ran into the wife of this dynamic duo , she was as beautiful as ever and we stopped for coffee. I asked how things were and to my surprise she said my wife and her hubby must have hit it off because they had been fucking ever since they met that night. She said she didn't care as long as he came home to her at night. Besides she said she had a lover on the side so she really didn't care. My heart sunk knowing my wife was getting the fucking of her life and behind my back, I had no clue.
I didn't know what say or do. i fell into a deep depression and went home after work.
When my loving and giving wife got home I asked how things were going , she started talking about work but
i cut Her off and told her who I ran into and the interesting talk we had.
She became very defensive and said she was sorry bur she couldn't help herself, she had to fuck this guy and often..
Needless to say our marriage has changed completely, we no longer swing, our sex life is non existent because it would be a waste of time to try to fuck her. she wouldn't enjoy it and neither would I.
Well there you have it , when you take your marriage for granted you usually wind up loosing everything, as I did. My wife and I divorced and so did the dynamic duo. My wife wound up marring her lover that was some time ago I'm still single and I can tell you it will be a long time before I try it again.

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