First time seeing it irl

My older bro had his friend over and he stayed overnight. he's 19, kinda cute too. i'm a little younger and still a virgin and plan to stay that way for now. but i caught my bro's friend stroking his dick on the couch after he thought we all went to sleep. i've seen porn, so i know how guys cum, but seeing it in person was a trip.

he tensed up, leaned forward a bit, and then it was jets of white shit coming out of his dick. he looked like he was in pain, but i know he probably felt good. he looked amazing. sperm is fascinating.

my question for guys is that can you feel the fluid leave your balls when you cum?

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  • It feels so good squirting up and out when I cum

  • Not so much in the balls but definitely in the prostate. Feels great to empty.

  • I can feel it when it's been a few days since I last came.

  • Shut up

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