Inapropriate Photoes of Family

I wont go into full details but I managed to see some old black and white polaroid prints of mum and dad and other close relations you could only them as porn am I the only one to peek

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  • I used to have dozens of polaroids , mostly black and white, and most with no faces, just titties, pussy, asses, dicks and balls. There were some vaginal and anal penetration shots, and some epic cum and piss shots. After my fourth move, my wife found them with some porno magazines I'd collected. I had some 'splaining to do. It went okay, in fact, it helped open things up. I lost most of those pics over the years.

  • When my dad passed mom wanted to sell the house and move to something smaller. She told me I could have anything from his collection of tools in the garage. I went up into the attic area and started going thru boxes and found a huge stash of video tapes and pictures. I looked thru a few and it took me a moment to realize it was my mom. There were literally hundreds and I brought it all to my place.
    I went thru them and was amazed to see all the absolutely kinky stuff he had taken pictures of doing with her. My eyes popped out when I started looking at two women having sex together, one was my mom and no idea who the other woman was but she was hot.

  • I accidentally found my dad and mom's homemade porn videos leaked over
    internet by Dad in xvideos and pornhub. Though faces were not shown the
    curtains and bedsheets and other room features and the birthmark on her
    back could be identified to make sure that its my mom and dad in sexual
    act. My mom has big boobs and brown pussy hair. Have close up videos and
    my Dad's Cock being hand fucked, sucked by my Mom and Vagina being opened by Dad to enter his erect Cock and cumming on her back and belly etc. I have downloaded all such videos and daily jacks off viewing the videos.

  • In a move we misplaced 300 R rated wife photos. Mostly tasteful or sexy nudes. We were hiking the AT and met some cool through hikers -- they hadn't seen a girl in 2 weeks.
    This was 40 years ago and she was really hot. They saw I was taking pictures of her by this cool backdrop, 40 miles deep. They asked if they could take a few of her -- sure. They asked if she could adjust her tube top a little (to show more of her big tits) She snickered - and took it off. 'I adjusted it around my hand' Me _- OMG no, but wtf -- we'll never see them again -- soon she's totally naked and they both load fresh a Kodacrome 36 -- I still check the internet hoping to find more. Found one where she's mostly looking away -- think they posted that one to hide her identity. It's awesome shot showing her round ass and big firm right tit. Post some more. She blamed when I scolded her 'every time you get your camera out, off comes my clothing.'

  • I found some porn photographs of my mum/dad/her brother/her dad, you don't think of your parents and near relations doing what I saw, for instance my mum with her dads cock up her and at the same time she sucking her brothers cock, a fuck spit roast, plus other relatives, I have never been so sexually aroused, its over five years since and I still get the same arousal I am so hard it was painful with my cock in my pants I've had to have it out ime going to enjoy finishing it off

  • Since your mum likes family so much, and if you find her attractive, there is no reason she won't let you have sex with her. She has already had sex with her dad, so why not keep it in the family with you. Makes sense to me. Now go and get some pussy from your mum!

  • It makes sense, but I couldn't suggest anything in appropriate looking at her she looks so respectable I've never herd hers her swear ever and never seen her naked she is quits fit, since I looked at the photos, I must admit I have inappropriate thoughts and several erections, I have been thinking about my aunt, there were some pick of mum and my aunt together using toys, don't know if I have the courage, I would like to indulge.

  • Let her catch you wanking and when she does don't put it away keep doing it she might stay and watch you

  • I found some old pictures my mom had hidden away that a photographer boyfriend had taken about ten years ago. They were just topless photos, but she was in quite a few sexy poses. My god in the pictures my mom's tits are just so firm, hard nipples, that really made me horny. I took all ten photos into my bedroom and lined them up so I could see all the pictures at once. I jacked myself off ending with a very powerful orgasm. Now I want to fuck my mom.

  • Make her walk in on you. act embarassed but compliment her. maybe she will at least jack you off.

  • I have thought about jacking off and calling out "Oh mom, oh god mom, you feel so good, oh yes, oh mom," loud enough so that she can hear me.

  • I agree. Call out "mommy"... she will be so flattered im sure of it and then get ready for a handjob ;-). Get some KY warming lube!

  • Say "mommy" instead!0

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