Caught Her

A while back I was dating a girl and we had plans to get married. In those days I was a typical young horny male , in love with his hear full of stupid notions about relationships .You know what I mean , finding a good girl that you could bring home to your mother , getting married and living happily ever after. What a steaming pile of horse shit.
Both me and my girl worked in New York City and commuted in and out of the city. Anne was a very attractive girl who men just chased after all the time. She had sex written all over her, a real knockout She once said men flirted with her 100 times a day, every day 7 days a week . She looked like a movie star or a very sexy model. When she wore a short skirt men would stair at her as she walked down the street and many would try to get to know her and try to get a date with her I saw this happen on several instances . We would laugh at this all the time especially after sex she would tell me about all the jerks that would go after her.
One day I took a day off from work to renew my drivers licence but the line was so long I gave up and decided to surprise Anne and meet her in
Penn station on track 21 I came down the back stair way so she wouldn't see me. At first I couldn't find her but then I saw her standing behind the first stair well talking to some guy. They seemed to know each other very well and were also very close to each other. I was shocked to see her this way, so I stopped a distance from then to watch what was going on. they got on the train together and sat in a twoseater so they could be alone. I got on the train a short distance away to stay hidden . At this point my heart had stopped as I watched them interact with each other I couldn't hear what they were saying but it didn't take a scientist to see they looked like they were dating or at least in love.
The trip took forever as I held my breath , I thought I would explode. Soon we approached her stop and both of them got up to exit the train They were hand in hand as they walked off the train. I also exited the train but stayed hidden from their view. I watched as she got into his car which was in a dark area of the parking lot. I couldn't help but notice she and he were making out hot and heavy in the front seat.
i watched as he drove off and I lost them . I was crushed knowing they were probably screwing their brains out. I walked to my car and drove home a completely broken fool.
As I came in my house the phone was ringing, it was her calling to tell me she had another boring day at work with nothing special to tell me. I thought to myself you miserable bitch I saw you with your tongue shoved down some guys mouth. Fuck you. I told her I had a headache and hung up.
I kept my distance from her for about a week, not answering the phone , no dates that kind of thing. I just couldn't be with her I was tired of her lies and her bullshit.
One day she shows up at my door wanting to know what was wrong.
As you can guess I exploded and told her what I saw, I nearly threw her out the window. She tried to make excuses for her behavior and swore she would never do it again. I asked if she fucked the guy which she denied. I then asked how many times did she fuck the guy, which she never answered.
Several months later I ran into her in a club , she was with her friends and so was I. We talked and she admitted to having an affair with that guy in the station but it was over, he was married . I replied tough shit, you made your bed now go fuck yourself.
My advice to all you stupid people who believe in all that horse shit about marriage, don't believe it , most marriages end in divorce due to a cheating spouse .
I rarely saw her after that, I found out she got married to some fool but divorced soon after. I suspect she got caught again.

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  • MGTOW baby! MGTOW! For those not knowing it stands for, " men going their own way." You don't need a woman to be happy. We aren't queer either but strong minded men who will survive without all the lying bullshit females bring to your life. MGTOW now! MGTOW forever!

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