Mutual masturbation

I started masturbating when I was 11 yrs old. I had just made the jr high cheerleading team and my coach told all of us girls to trim our private parts because our cheer shorts were short and she didn’t want our pubes to show. So I went home and got one of my dads razors and shaving cream and started trimming. That’s the first time I touched my privates. I discovered I liked it when I was wiping the shaving cream off with a rag. I ended up shaving the whole area clean. I shaved every three days to keep it clean and each time I would masturbate afterwards.
One Saturday morning I had showered and shaved and my dad knocked on the door asking if I knew where his razor was at. I opened the door with a towel on and handed him his razor. He asked me if I was shaving my legs. I told him no, I was shaving my private parts for cheer. He said keep the razor. Later that day he gave me an electric razor and said try this. OMG, the tiny vibrations made my masturbating even better. It was great. In fact, I would take to my bedroom at night and use it.
One night after I thought he was asleep I got took my panties off and turned it on. A minute or two into it I heard a knock on my door. I turned it off and said come in. It was my dad and he asked what the noise was. I told him it was the electric razor he bought me. He said ok, and closed the door.
A few days later he gave me a vibrator like people use on their backs. He didn’t say anything, just gave me the box. OMG it was great and much better than the razor. I used it a lot. One night right I after I turned it on I hear a knock on my door. Embarrassed, I turned it off and said come in. It was my dad and he asked what I was doing. I told him I was using the vibrator on my legs because they were sore. He said ok and was starting to close the door then I asked him if he would rub my back with it.
He came in and I turned over, raised my shirt and he stated to rub my back with it. I flipped over and asked him to rub my quads with it. I had panties on. He said ok and started to vibrate my quads. I giggled and said higher dad, rub up here, pointing towards my upper quad.
He did and when he crossed over to my other quad the vibrator touched my mound and I moaned and twitched. He said sorry about that. I told him it was ok. After a while he said ok girl, time for bed and was getting up. I turned the vibrator back on and said dad, his is what I really like about this. I put the vibrator on my mound and had my eyes closed. A minute or two later I opened my eyes to see if he was still there. He was, then I pulled my panties down below my mound and kept going. He sat on the bed while I was vibrating.
I liked it that someone was watching me. I asked him if he played with his private parts and he said sometimes. I asked him to show me how guys do it. He didn’t want to but I kept asking. He pulled his penis out and started masturbating. That made me hornier than ever and I had a big orgasm. I think he did too but I didn’t see it.
A few weeks later before bed I asked him to come rub my back. I was waiting on the bed with the vibrator when he came in. He told me to turn over but I told him I wanted to do what we did before. And this time I want to see what happens when he is done. I put the vibrating and he started doing what guys do. I watched and he finally finished And squirted only floor. Wow, I had another big orgasm watching that.
We never touched each other but masturbated a bunch more times. I still think about those times usually while masturbating. I’m in college now and me and my female roommate masturbate together sometimes after we get high.

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  • Wow. I would love to masturbate for you.

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