Ladies, can you help me?

I know that my wife gets off with her "toys" every Monday night while I am out with my friends. I have no problem with this.
But... Whenever I ask her what she thinks about when she is getting herself off she tell me "Nothing. I just think about getting off."
So please help me with this...
When a woman masturbates does she usually think about something erotic, or just getting off?
And if it's something erotic, how can I get her to tell me what it is?

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  • I agree, i would like to know every thought and fantasy, that way i can make our time together even more pleasurable, and who knows, maybe even venture into some of those fantasies, i would like to fulfill mine and maybe some would be same.

  • I think about things I could never share with my husband. He just wouldn’t understand. I think about my old neighbor shoving my dress up over my hips, and fucking me hard while sucking my titties. I also think about the fed ex man with his big black cock bending me over on my porch and fucking the daylights out of me. Last but not least I think of one of my husbands friends coming over when he’s not home and sitting in a chair while I ride his cock. I’m naked and he cums so hard in me because he hasn’t fucked his wife in years. But when my husband comes home all I want is him. They’re just fantasies. I also have a huge dildo that sticks on the wall and when I use it I hope that my neighbor sees me. I can’t help it.

  • That is exactly the kind of things I want her to tell me about! I want to share her fantasies and be able to enjoy them together.

  • The things I think about while jilling are either plain vanilla or wild hopefully will never happen to me kind of things. I have remembered past things my husband does and try to mimic it with my fingers or vibes and I have put my suction cup black dildo on the wall and imagined I was bound doggie style by a guy who broke into the house. The important thing to remember here is we all have different ways of getting off but if she does not want to tell you about it do not worry to much. Especially if your sex life is great because you might ruin a good thing.

  • You can't be held accountable for what you think of while you masturbate surely.Its YOUR mind ffs what YOU think of is of no concern to anyone.

  • My wife definitely thinks of things - strangers, exes, neighbors, stuff like that. We have a rule, we can say anything we want to each other without judgment or drama, so long as it happens during 'pillow talk' time. This was when she admitted to what she thinks about. I don't necessarily mind it, it keeps her libido going strong and I get the benefit of it all when I get home!

  • My mrs just plays and swears not very much happens in her head as it’s about the orgasm

  • Everyone is different, so what one person thinks does not dictate what another will.

    I would share some of the fantasies you engage in when you beat off, and maybe she will open up to you.

    I would also ask to watch or participate in some way while she masturbates with the toys, and ask her to share a fantasy out loud while she does so.

  • Tried that. Never works.

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