Memory of grandma.

I went through a time when I was young and didn't want to sleep alone. My parents were divorced and I was placed to my grandma because both my parent were capable to raise me. My grandmother was already retired and it was just me and my grandmother for years. She was a widow, a big woman and she let me sleep next to her on her bed. I liked that because she felt very soft and warm. Often I was spooning her, and one night I got a boner when I realised I was lying next to a woman's butt and got excited. I remember slowly getting courage and rubbing it on her. My grandma eventually woke up and caught me humping her and it kind of scared me. Grandma wasn't happy with me trying to hump her, but a few nights later I did it again. Grandma woke up and told me to stop it, so I stopped.

A few nights later I tried it again and grandma didn't say anything. I was still a virgin but I somehow managed to stick my cock in between her thighs, fairly close to her cuntal area. Grandma started moving like she wanted me to pull it out.

So I just humped into grandma’s crotch as deep as I could and hugged her and said, "Please, grandma!", and I stayed still holding her.

Grandma stopped moving and I was so excited that she let me stay in between her thighs. To me that was very personal. I think grandma liked my company, but was uncomfortable about any rubbing, so I didn't do it every time. Most nights when I did try to hump grandma, I'd pull my underwear down to release my eager, young "manhood". At first grandma would resist and say no, but usually would give up if I persisted and let me put my fully erect cock between her bare thighs. I would instinctively start humping against grandma’s panty-covered pussy, and after 25 or 30 deep thrusts, I'd be shooted away.

One night I was rubbing my cock up between grandma's thighs and against her crotch. Grandma was obviously tired and sound asleep, but fortunately she was bent at a really good angle for spooning and humping so I got brave and kept wiggling it in closer and slowly I got closer between her thighs. I pulled the crotch of grandma’s panties to one side, shifted my hips trying to get in a better thusting position, and my virginal cock went right in grandma’s hairy, fat, wet pussy and I pulled out shocked!

Once I calmed down I acted sleepy as I tucked my cock back in between grandma’s thighs really close and I layed still. With the large, swollen head of my cock buried in between grandma’s cunt lips, she didn't even wake up so I started pushing it in deeper and deeper until I was all the way in. My 14 year-old cock was balls-deep in grandma's fat, hairy cunt! It was such a rush. Five or six cock-thrusts later, I excitedly rammed my cock as hard as I could against my sleeping grandma’s cervix and grandma woke up and freaked out. After that grandma wouldn't let me sleep in her bedroom.

A couple of years later, when I was 16, grandma came home drunk one evening. It was strange because she rarely goes out bit she had visited a friend of hers. She wanted me to help her out of her coat and shoes as she crashed on her bed right away. I helped her out of her coat and shoes, she kept passing out. I noticed her fat body and got excited, and somehow told her that she shouldn't sleep with her nice dress on and I started pulling the one piece dress over her head. She was now only wearing her panties after I removed her bra. It gave some work but I managed to remove her panties and I had a full sight on grandma’s big, naked body. I got very excited and stripped down all of my clothes.

My heart was pounding as I stared at my passed-out grandma’s hairy pussy. I reached down and started rubbing grandma's cunt, and soon I had two fingers fucking in and out of her. She woke when I started finger-fucking harder and faster, but only said no once and didn't move away so I continued finger-fucking her. She moaned a few times and got really wet. She asked where I learned to do that, I said I don't know which was the truth. Using my hands, I gave my suddenly submissive grandma two small orgasms. It was very exciting and great to hear her moan like that.

My hard cock and my large sperm-filled balls knew it was time to claim my incestuous prize and lose my virginity.

I got in between my passed-out grandma’s spread legs and mounted her. I shoved my cock into grandma’s cunt and fucked her for awhile. I quickly came and ejaculated deep inside of grandma’s cunt. My cock stayed hard so I kept fucking grandma until I came again in her slimy, cum-filled fat cunt. I pulled out but a few minutes later I was hard again so I shoved my cock into grandma's cunt again and started fucking her for the third time, but before I could cum in her again, grandma stopped me and said no.

The next night I went to grandma’s bedroom again bit grandma wouldn't let me mount her, but she gave up resistance quickly when I putted two fingers between er fat pussy lips. After a strong orgasm she allowed me to mout her and grandma made me ejaculate my incestuous seed inside her fat pussy.
Since then grandma allowed me to fuck her as often as I wanted to. She teached me how to pleasure her more by making clear that besides fingers and a hard on there’s a lot to explore of her big, fat body with my tongue.

But when I got 18 I met a girl I fell in love with.
After that grandma and me didn't do anything sexual as soon grandma found out I was seeing a girl.

Grandma and me ever haven't talked about what happened when we were in grandma’s bed, and I think we will both pretend it never did happen, because we were aware it was incest what we did.

But, it did happen and I'm glad that we did.


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  • Good for you. I spent the summer of my 15th year fucking my grandmother, but she wanted it as much as me. She was my first cunt-fuck, blow-job and ass-fuck, which I soon learned to like better than her cunt, but only because I got to hear her grunt and groan in pain whenever I pounded her ass She said she liked it too and would always have intense orgasms when I fucked her ass.

  • Vanaema olen mina ka nikkunud kuigi puts haises.

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