On the side secret

My older sister is a bit of a favorite of the family, smart, attractive, athletic. I'm a little chubby but not fat. She's family and I love her, but we have our issues. I don't like the way she talks down to me sometimes. We're competitive. She's dated 3 different guys in the last couple of years and what she doesn't know is that I've fucked all of them.

Maybe I'm a bad sister but I actually get a kick out of fucking my sister's boyfriends. They all said I'm better pussy and guys are so easy, they are dtf. Our parents have religion issues and would shit if they knew about either of us having sex but I enjoy it and hard cock is a beautiful thing, even if it is my sister's boyfriend. Her current guy is 7" and a perfect fit when we do doggy. We're sneaky but he can make my toes curl and we haven't gotten caught.

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  • I fuck my girlfriend's younger sister. She has bigger tits and a firmer ass than my girlfriend does. I want to breakup with my girlfriend and just date her sister, but her sister doesn't want a relationship or for her sister to be hurt because she's fucking me. I still enjoy fucking her tight little pussy to much to stop.

  • I do that with my sister's boyfriend also most are in their 20's, I'm 16.

    BTW I'm a guy. My sister's boyfriends all want my more than her.

    They all say my ass feel so much better than her pussy any day and they can cum in me. I also swallow and she doesn't.

    Most if them brake up with her and fuck me on the Down low.

    I get so much sex and cum. She get heartbroken. The bitch deserves it.

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